Dr. Oz Shares Healthier Ways to Cook Vegetables

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23 thoughts on “Dr. Oz Shares Healthier Ways to Cook Vegetables

  1. I noticed a few comments regards to obesity.
    I agree that over eating the wrongs food's does cause Obesity,
    However, don't assume that everyone who is obese over eats.
    Some people became obese due to health issues such as a bad heart, and certain medication's, also stress can cause Obesity..
    So please try to avoid defining people from their outward apparance.
    As the cover of a book never tells the story.

  2. OMGosh,
    Did anyone else noticed how much oil she put on that pan?
    Plus potatoes are known to be a starchy food.
    Starch turns to sugar, and sugar turns to fat.
    All I can say is that is one very unhealthy food. Yuck!

  3. Take a ton of your favorite spices and the potatoes and toss them in a ziploc bag coating "all" side of the potatoes. Them put them on the baking sheet (the oil is enough for non-stick). Her way gives you hardly any flavor and you can use all your great steak blend spices to make really flavorful fries.
    Make your veggies zing…🎵🎶

    O type blood is fairly allergic to cauliflower and white potatoes with skins. It causes and inflammatory response (swelling).
    Sweet potatoes and broccoli are fine, use those instead.

  4. If a person is making any effort to cook and eat vegetables that is still very good. You'd be surprised how many people make no effort at all to incorporate whole foods (no pun intended) into their diet.

  5. As a cook I think this is disgusting. All you have to do is steam the veggies and they wont lose the nurtients. No way am I feeding my hubby or child burnt caulifour with yogurt.. I can imagine the looks I would get.. LOL.. This is why people dont like to eat white peoples food. Because of nasty crap like this… yuk !

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