Dr. Natalie Sohn- Institute for Women’s Health and Body

Dr. Natalie Sohn talks about what drew her to the specialty of and .

I’m Dr. Natalie Sohn, I’m a board certified OB-GYN, and I practice with the Institute for Women’s Health and Body at their Atlantis office. I went to medical school, and we all do rotations in our third year and I started out thinking that I wanted to do ER medicine.

And I really liked ER medicine, but then I did the OB-GYN rotation and there was something about it I just loved. Because, it was like doing a little of everything, here you are doing some primary care, some women’s specialty care and some surgery.

So, you were sort of a jack of all trades for women. And, I just liked it, so I applied for it, I got accepted, that’s it. I like talking to patients, I like going to the office and seeing who’s on my schedule, some patients have been my patients for 22-23 years.

And, lets say I haven’t seen them in a year, they’re just there for their annual, we talk about what’s going on with their grandkids, we talk about to trips they’ve taken. I always talk about cruising and traveling, ’cause I love to do that.

So, a lot of these ladies will tell me what, what country they’ve just visited and so forth. So, I like catching up with the patients, talking to them about things other than their medical condition.

Which I think is part of the exam, part of the exam is getting to know a person. Part of being a good doctor, I think is getting to know the patient more than just what their physical ailments are.

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