Doug McGuff-Strength Training for Health and Longevity

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40 thoughts on “Doug McGuff-Strength Training for Health and Longevity

  1. Are there any references on the American Council of Aging Biomarkers listed in this video? Great stuff would like to read more about what they found.

  2. My grandmother didn't do no form of exercises she ain't fat almost every day of her life she didn't smoke or drink but things that are saying they are bad for us nowadays is people until the last hundred years were doing forever and live longer than we are what's going on what's wrong with this picture

  3. The FDA and the CDC and other so-called Departments of our government are saying high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils are safe under moderation this is outright lying to the public and I honestly believe most people in these Departments of our government aren't evil but the ones that pulling the purse strings usually are or they are under duress some way shape or fashion I am 67 March 19th I leg press over 600 lb I take my health seriously I used to be a drug addict a sex addict and alcoholic addict you have to lay all them things aside for your most important thing in the world is your relationship to God and it has to be with a healthy body and mind

  4. This video really helped realise I needed to do resistance exercise. I’ve watched other videos on how he works out and added muscle mass. Look better and feel better

  5. As a rule, the people willing to put a real effort into improving their condition were never in truly bad condition. Those Walmart people referred to aren't conisdering such behavior.

  6. I just tuned in. I DO hope he talks about the importance – especially ages 40 + plus (yes, THAT early…that's when the body begins to lose muscle mass), and IMPERITIVE for those in 60, 70, 80 & up range UP YOUR PROTEIN INTAKE!!! Do not rely on 'protein RDA' – that's the absolute minimum to survive and it's an antiquated model. Especially important is amount of leucine the body needs in EACH meal, combined with strength training. The mTOR pathway (to optimize muscle fiber protein synthesis) does not engage with anything less than 2.5 grams of leucine in one meal- that's at least 30g of high quality protein – each of 3 well spaced meals. Eating the right amount of the right kind of protein (combined with your strength training) will ensure that as we age we do not fall victim to sarcopenia. Find YT interviews about protein & strength training and aging of Dr. Gabrielle Lyon and you'll get good insight into how important it is to consume the right amount of protein – combined with strength training – to avoid sarcopenia and increase quality of life and longevity. Google Dr. Gabrielle Lyon to view her website. O.k., I'm halfway thru this talk- he has not mentioned diet or protein (yet!) and I'm going to be VERY disappointed if he doesn't. )

  7. I don't understand what's happening around 33:00. If IL-15 spikes cause a long term IL-15 sensitivity how comes that insulin spikes cause long term insulin resistance instead? Could someone tell me what i'm missing?

  8. I almost turned it off during the first (for me boring) 20 minutes. But as he started to go through the 10 biomarkers of health, one by one, it gets extremely interesting and practical. Stay tuned!

  9. I have looked at the picture of Clarence Bass and he is 75 years old. I am at 81 and at 75 to the present I look younger and stronger than Mr. Bass and BTW I greatly respect him.

  10. I am almost 81. I am still a hard core bodybuilder and owner of Mito-Chon USA Corp. and our real natural energy producing drink Mito-Chon 250ml. I have never been sick, never taken prescription medicine. see me on . I trained on Nautilus equipment in Clearwater, Florida and was so impressed I became interested in training with intensity. My 38 year old fiancée loves me for my determination and drive which came from an inner drive to learn everything about the mitochondria, the only place where ATP energy is created and not from so-called 'energy drinks'. I am so thankful so my early awakening of great health.

  11. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn at the Cleveland Clinic had 100% cure rate with patients who had severe heart disease by changing their diet to a whole-food, plant-based regimen. They were followed for 20 years, and had no need for further surgery interventions.

  12. I'm a lifer. Have always done some kind of exercise. Even before I knew it was exercise. Pushups, chinups and running along with riding a bicycle as far as I could. 78 now and do something everyday. Tried just about everything. Never been overweight and don't need any meds. Haven't seen a doctor since 1986. IMO the bottom line is to keep moving. Find something you like and do it. When you get bored, try something else. Keep trying. I followed Bass for years. He is a champion on the rowing machine. Keep moving until you can't and then fight to move more. It will give you quality of life.

  13. Useful Info, I am doing resistance training now, those who are watching this video and have not initiated a training program start NOW.

  14. Dr. McGuff, your remarks around 42:00 pertaining to lowering blood pressure due to new arterioles built to meet the demands of HIT was well explained. However, would not the body increase its blood volume to accommodate this new demand as well? Hence, larger vessel, larger volume = no change in BP?

  15. funny…i already knew the jist of this talk…from studying exercise science my whole life,but i was honestly wonderfully blown away listening to this: GREAT stuff,GREAT presentation…;worth noting is that the fitness industry has a different understanding of things;the "alternative training" ideology is basically what dominates how most gyms operate these days…;simple fact: VERY few people find strength training to be "interesting enough" to make a consistent part of their gym experience,and gyms have KNOWN THIS,for a long time. So,the fitness industry has collectively,quietly agreed,that the most convenient way to generate business (and yea,i suppose keep their membership feeling good about SOMEthing),is to invent other ways to be physically active: functional+core training. Talk about ROI heaven! The fitness industry discovered years ago that selling this kind of training to the public was a massive HIT and the idea of continued efforts to educate the public about conventional progressive resistance, strength training,should take a back seat to the promotion of any OTHER kind of training that could possibly maintain nice numbers (return on investment).
    The fitness industry has turned into a freakshow of junk science and junk fitness pro's….i go into a gym these days and listen to such endless garbage from trainers (talking out loud to their 1-on-1 clients) who seem out of touch with even the basic principles of strength training…
    So i fear that a REALLY EDUCATIONAL video like this one will just never find its way to a public desperately in need of some truth and fact.

  16. Great comment on orthopedic PT/re-hab. at the end. Having had 3 major surgeries (Lt. ACL, Rt. TKR, and Rt. Ankle micro-fracture, removed bone fragments and repaired torn ligaments, etc) in the last 3 yrs. I employed BBS style work which impressed all of the therapists I had, and the results were fantastic. Once I explained it to each therapist, they were very supportive. If you have not tried the BBS workout, check into it and read the book so you understand why and how. The why is as, if not more important, than the how. Once you understand the science behind the concepts, you will be more effective with the program.
    The BBS book also gets into the 'Paleo' diet which isn't necessary and IMO doesn't really belong in the book. I general, much of what is discussed in the 'Paleo lit. is pretty decent. However, the Diet itself has been largely debunked, but that is a whole 'nother topic.

  17. Superb talk. So kind of Dr. McGuff to mention my work and the importance of physiological capacity, body composition, and type 2 fibers. He got into systemic signaling, which is my current point of emphasis. Brain and muscle are your most important tissues, which you will see from my IHMC lecture. Cardio is over rated and, as his lecture points out, can only happen if you first use the more ancient form of movement — anaerobic metabolism. I would point to stem cells and have my own protocol, not much different from Doug's, which is to double my muscle stem cells through a form of eccentric exercise. Anyway, great work.

  18. What caught my ear was that the older gentleman he profiled near the beginning did HIST 1x/week, but ALSO apparently High Intensity Aerobic Interval Training (HIAIT).

    Does anyone know what type of HIAIT is utilized under the Body By Science protocol?

    Is it the 'commonly understood' type of aerobic training (like Elliptical, Sprinting, etc.) where, for example, a person does a high intensity '20 seconds on, 10 seconds off' kind of protocol;

    Or is it weight bearing, where, for example, someone did high reps of lower weights to fatigue for a short period of time, takes a brief rest, and then does them again?

    I'd like to incorporate my HIAIT into my workouts at this point of my life, so any guidance is much appreciated.

  19. Doug McGuff or anyone else with the knowledge. Since UPC1( thermogenin) is found only in brown fat, what uncoupling mitochondrial proteins are stimulated by IL-15? I knew that uncoupling are increased by thyroid hormone, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and leptin—but I had no idea about (1) IL-15 stimulation nor (2) conversion of white to brown fat in either children or adults. Truly fascinating, and uplifting !

  20. Glad to see a new version of the Body By Science teaching. Your teaching helped motivate me back onto a life long path of health and high activity. I had a lull in my late 40's that caught up with me around 50ish. Following the HIT protocol my health snapped back quite quickly. A big thanks to Doug McGuff.

  21. This is probably one of the most important lectures on the efficacy of strength training, in terms of inducing physical well being, that I have seen. Thank you Dr. McGuff for sharing this with us.

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