DO THIS Everyday in 2021 For 6 Pack ABS

Follow along with Chris Heria as he shows you a that you can do Everyday in For 6…


45 thoughts on “DO THIS Everyday in 2021 For 6 Pack ABS

  1. Hey chris! do you know why my back hurts everytime I do ab work out. Is it because my form is back or something or my back isn't strong enough? I get this pinching sensation on my lower back when i do abs with you

  2. I did his fat burning+abs for 3 rounds and was exhausted af still managed to do three rounds of this all this I did on an empty stomach and I have 4 packs more two to go🦾

  3. Got a question about the ab bicycles, I don't have a problem doing them with a quicker pace but I was told to go through them slower. So which is the best way?

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