Do These 5 Exercises Every Morning – 5 Minute Mobility & Stretch Routine (2.0)

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Do These 5 Exercises Every Morning (2.0 Updated)

We crossed 1 million subscribers and wanted to give you something special as a thank you for the support over the years!

We looked through and found our most helpful and influential video to date was the “Do These 5 Exercises Every Morning” video.

Subscribers & commenters over the years have attributed this one 5 Minute Morning Routine to fixing their back pain, increasing flexibility & energy, and this being a life changing routine.

We noticed we could improve the sound quality and add some alternatives to more advanced stretches to make this routine even better.

Also you have the opportunity to download our complete 5 Minute Flexibility Series. This includes HD Follow Along and Technique Overview Videos for this morning routine and 5 other routines.

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