Do Sit-ups Give You a Flat Stomach? | UPMC HealthBeat

Find out if really help improve abdominal strength with this video.


32 thoughts on “Do Sit-ups Give You a Flat Stomach? | UPMC HealthBeat

  1. I got a flat stomach and belly full of stretch marks just doing crunches one summer. Sure I dieted, but when I stopped the crunches and only dieted, I did not get the same great results

  2. See the thing is crunches were the main exercise in my routine and my abs have grown fairly significantly

    Edit: Also, Crunches don't hurt your back if you do them properly, with a straight back

  3. When I do sit-ups and crunches, why do I feel my abdominal muscles getting worked and even hurting after working them hard?

    Next question: why is it that I did an experiment with only sit-ups and crunches, and still got a six pack? This was back when I've never had one, and it was my first time trying to get one.

  4. are there any sources for the information provided? if so please give me the links to these studies so that I can make a more informed view instead of going by 'research says X' without stats or figures. the video isn't bad it just feels rushed which makes me question the provided information.

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