Dieting Ruins Your Mental Health?

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  1. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause depression, but nutrition can help! Liver is a great animal source of B12, which you can sautee with onions, or put on skewers, roast over an open fire, and add salt and pepper!  Good vegan sources include nutritional yeast, as well as mushrooms!

  2. "instead of focusing on how flat your stomach is consider
    is my gut digesting food for me without pain
    without causing me to camp or bleed?"
    omg i can totallty relate ! man, that was powerful ! i have multiple stomach ulcers (wich are bleeding), gastrits and IBD i do suffer whenever i eat , after i ate AND whenever i'm hungry !!! so DO NOT take it for granted .. my gut do cause me to cramp and bleed it realy get me down, it make my depression even worse… please take care of yourself and know that you are blessed if you are healthy nomatter how you look like in the outside

  3. The "8 cups" thing was originally published as an estimate of what the average person is already doing, including the water content of food, not as a recommendation that we all get that amount of water intake if we otherwise wouldn't. And I have a working liver and kidneys, am not severely dehydrated, and haven't eaten poison recently, so anything claiming to remove toxins from my body is an attempt to sell me bullshit.
    You know, my instinct was not to trust nutrition specialists (whether they're registered dieticians or not) because nutrition is still an unsolved problem (they're still discovering micronutrients every once in a while, and a few people still get sick following recommendations and then get lasting health improvement on unusual "fad" diets). And at least I get more immediate feedback about whether a diet is damaging my health than a professional I see every once in a while does. I'd never really considered that there might be nutrition specialists trying to sell me "8 cups" and things to detox me. It isn't even about the limits on what is known, because you're selling things we know are wrong. Fricken hell! It's turtles all the way down, and every turtle is worse than the last.

  4. I know this is a bit old, but can I ask why sometimes our belly rumble when we're not hungry?
    sometimes I am not mentally hungry but my stomach is , on the other hand sometimes I'm full but mentally hungry. what do I do when my belly rumbles and I don't want food? I'll eat if i'm in a social situation so that they don't ask me about being hungry and not to embarrass myself but I always feel bad when I eat if i'm not mentally hungry…I ate so much during times I did not want to eat that I actually gained weight 🙁

  5. This just sounds like a diet to me. Don't just eat what you want when you want, don't trust yourself, pay attention to how eating certain foods make you feel and then restrict those foods. Won't that restriction just lead to binging later? It does for me.

  6. I've essentially been on a diet my whole life, trying so many methods and constantly trying calorie counting only for it to fail. Most likely due to my borderline narcissistic family and being emotionally abused, traumatised, bullied, being talked about behind my back and so on. I stress eat. A lot. And I have done all my life because of my family, so I'd often find it impossible to calorie count and then feel guilty for not following it through. I think today I'm going to delete that app (Lifesum, was MyFitnessPal) even though I bought a premium subscription for a year for it, and go from it from there. Just eating healthily, and not counting how many grams of onion, pepper, mushrooms, etc is going into my chilli con carne.

  7. Love your content and your videos Kati! Thank you for your contribution to the mental health world… Just wanted to highlight a small correction thou that can mislead the community. The serotonin in our gut is not the same one that is present in our brain. It is an old misconception. But it is now known that the comment made about serotonin in our gut is not accurate.

  8. Im trying to diet and exercise and have been working my ass off for two weeks straight to see no real results and find that it’s making me not only more depressed but starting to make me not wanting to eat or over workout!

  9. I just try to avoid junk food being the main part of what i eat, but i still let myself eat junky food. Overall I eat a varied diet with healthy foods like vegetables and fruit and meat and legumes. 😊 but i also have snacks 😋

  10. This was incredibly helpful! For me personally, the diet culture is incredibly toxic (at least for now, while I’m trying to figuring it all out for my body). I learnt this a few months ago and it had me come to the conclusion to delete Instagram. I have felt a much clearer mind of what I need to do for myself in order to stay healthy physically and mentally. I’ve learnt that being healthy is better than “needing the perfect body,” and I will definitely be focusing more on appreciating my body and all it does for me. I feel that I am on the right track and I am so grateful that my mind has been able to withstand all of the overthinking, anxiety, and knowledge it has gone through, as well as constantly forgiving me for being so harsh on myself. My sister sent me this video because she knows I’ve discovered my mild body image issues and it was amazing to watch! I saved the video so I could easily come back to it whenever I need! Thanks for this! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Thanks for taking the time to connect these two dots. There needs to be more practical tips here on what to limit and what to eat more of. People need practical tips because of all of the misguided information. Eat more plants!

  12. I think diet mentality ruined me tbh i started obsessing over every little thing that i eat until I stopped caring about diet and started focusing on just being aware of what i eat

  13. I wasn’t really watching, I was listening and doing stuff around the house. So I really loved it when as Erin mentioned “WIC” the thing popped and made a sound, I instantly knew that that was a definition of the term. It’s a small addition to an already great video, but very welcomed.

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