Day 23 of EPIC | Glutes and Abs Workout [DUMBBELL NO REPEAT]

and … 15 minute no rest ab exercises, specifically the upper abdominals, followed by…


31 thoughts on “Day 23 of EPIC | Glutes and Abs Workout [DUMBBELL NO REPEAT]

  1. Thank you from Thailand. I am one of your big fan from Bangkok. I just start do excercises and your workout epic is my first excercises in my life, you hlep me alot to make my life more active and healthier. Thanks again

  2. Hey everyone, we know how amazing Caroline is and all her workout programs are🔥. Currently doing the 1st Epic program at a much slower pace than the original schedule, took a day or two rest days in between (sometimes three) to recover. It's okay to take the time needed for our body to recover ♥️ some days are good some days are challenging. Keep on going, I can feel my upper body and core strength have significantly improved since day 1. I'm glad I didn't give up halfway through. ✨✨✨

  3. First workout I have done and did not take any extra breaks!!! 🥳🥳😁😁 i only used the 15 sec rest she gave and continued on with the next exercise. I felt these exercises in my glutes and quads the most

  4. I thought I was in for a bit of short term fun for a couple of days, when I first started Epic 1 program 4 weeks ago, it turns out to be a long term commitment, and I am so proud of myself for not giving up. Thanks Caroline!

  5. every single time I am tempted to quit at around 60%, but almost always I manage to finish and this makes me so proud. this is a tough journey but totally worth it

  6. And that’s day 23!! I feel so strong and on fire rn, even if I know I’ll be a little achey tomorrow 😂 This is the best workout program I’ve ever done, hands down, thank you Caroline!! ❤️

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