COVID-19 and Pregnancy | Dr Anjali Kumar | MAITRI | Women's Health

Hi Everyone, today’s video is all pregnancy during Covid-19 times. In these Corona times…


39 thoughts on “COVID-19 and Pregnancy | Dr Anjali Kumar | MAITRI | Women's Health

  1. Hello mam. I have recently suffered with COVID and I had ivermectin-12mg tablets in my pregnancies 3rd or 4th week. I used it for 5 days. I heard that this tablet was not supposed to be taken by pregnant womans. I wasn't aware of my pregnancy when I had it. After I recovered, I went to doctor and I had gone through ultrasound scans twice in a gap of 15days and everything is normal as per my doctor but she is doubting on the ivermectin tablet that I had in the initial weeks. Will this tablet cause any harm to my baby in future months or so? Have you ever seen such cases? Please share your thoughts on this

  2. Pregnancy me covid ke liye jo khadha piya jata he aur jo ki vo garam hota he to kya khadha pi sakte he ????? Kyuki garam chije nahi khate pite pregnancy me aisa dekha he bohot baar….

  3. Mam if I take tablet for abortion after pregnant 2 time and one abortion after 3 month sergical ,then again pregnancy is safe or I am able to deliver a healthy baby again or not . please reply soon

  4. Hello mam your video is very useful but I have one query that if in pregnancy women is covid positive the medicine we take to cure covid are they harmful for baby please reply

  5. We are planning to have a child…can I take vaccine? Is it so that if we are taking the jab, we can not conceive until 6 months?…really needed your advise…

    Thank you

  6. Mam, I have been watching your channel and it's really nice to see a doctor discuss all these topics on a platform like YouTube as it isn't possible for all of us to visit you and I haven't met these many gynaecologists who could have these open conversations because of the norms of society. I'd really like to suggest you talking about female masturbation and how it's important how to orgasm and help women know these processes as sex is just entitled for sexual pleasure of men and pregnancy for women a professional doctor opening a conversation about these topic would make a lot of impact on the millennial women who are watching and so far visiting you as well. Regardles the information you try to provide is commendable and we're all thankful for having someone like you.

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