Cooking Oil Review At The Grocery Store – Healthy vs Toxic Oils

Here’s a follow up to first video because I wanted to explain when to use different…


44 thoughts on “Cooking Oil Review At The Grocery Store – Healthy vs Toxic Oils

  1. Ever heard of Groundnut oil? Mustard oil? Sesame seed oil? These are the oils that are used in #India for cooking for ages, and they are a lot healthier than what you have displayed here. And they are economical too. Coconut oil is also used in many parts of India. And so is Cottonseed oil.

  2. I had trouble opening the bottle or the spray can. One bottle of avocado oil plain did not come off! So there it sits…am sticking to the Walmart Avocado oil, not cheap but ok. Am using it to stir fry bags of Cole slaw…

  3. Thank you for all the info….I use Canola oil heart-healthy and extra virgin olive oil…….I m getting confused about what to use…any advice plsssss…I cook Asian foods like Bangladeshi and Indian…..and now i started to make ghee at home from nonsalt butter…..

  4. I wanted to thank you for such great content that you put out all the time you've had a big influence on some life changes that I've made I appreciate all that you do. Anyway I have a question for you I already got the Bobby approved app
    On Kindle but I didn't find this product here. It's called rice bran oil I found some vegetables that were cooked in it at Costco. Since I've already made the purchase I was wondering what your thoughts were on rice bran oil

  5. Hi, You are seriously helping me . Thank you. I just bought Better Body Foods naturally refined coconut oil. USDA Organic, Non GMO, no need to refrigerate, and was only $6.00 for 28 ounces. I have a feeling it's not a winner. ???

  6. Wait a minute I don't think I heard u saying what's the very best oil to use and the video has ended huh?
    Next video try to bring out the best point to viewers first, verses the worst pointers for the last.
    Hopefully this makes sense
    Your points are interesting but try to aim for the best points first.
    Thank u
    Good luck 🤞

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