Hello, as you are, my name is Katherine and today we are going to return to learn how to make a water and voila, this is a practice that goes back thousands and thousands and thousands of years, basically it is done with the purpose to Clean the digestive system stimulate internal organs increase the fire of digestion, precautions if I have hermes, if I have surgery, recent abdominal, if you suffer from constipation, do not practice this type of second, to perform in the yellow, we must be fasting and Having evacuated in our stools is Please if you have not evacuated for some reason that they eat me beans last night and if bad some tacos blah blah please, do not do it until you can evacuate if you suffer from constipation you should solve that problem separately and later we are going to tend, to perform the double click and the third are three phases first edition advances second opposite rectum abdomen that this muscle falls half and third that is the swell that is made I cannot perform second phase if I do not dominate first or cannot perform seconds if I do not dominate in third phase It is very very important first we learn to crawl and then to walk and then to run ready, we will not want to run there from afal without even knowing throw it away, we don’t even know; what we do then is very, important, to preserve this order; if for some reason already; His light band abominates then you can go to the second phase if for the reason already, you dominate against the rectum, Saturday less you can go, to the third phase in my case I will learn, this, noble and me, it took just a month but it was, Because, since I was a girl, since I was children, I already dominated, to take out the rectum, exactly less, I don’t know why whenever this little girl lying down I put it, to take it out and then it seems something like super if this has we show first cradle that the stomach in my childhood but, I did not even know.

What she did but already, mastered it then for me, it was super, easy, to learn it, there are certain people who can take much more than a month, a year, two years, six; months that, it depends on your practice all that is very personal ready, then, to start normally in a class when we are practicing to inhale, inhale, exhale through the nose but in this case inhale through the nose and be, exhale through the mouth, the exercise is done after exhalation, that is, we have to hold after exhalation.

What is going to cost a bit of difficulty so that we are practically without air making a retention so it is very very very important if I inhaled re I have to do that retention. Do not stay long if I am not used to doing these types of because because when I inhale they can talk, like, like, asking for air like I’m going to drown and really, it’s not good to do it that way when join the former I retain and return, to inhale I go, to do it in a way, natural and calm as, to me now listen putting me with golden lips please, please, no and well let’s start, not to speak, more I already told you the most important thing, I will bring you down a little bit, to be able to show you, we are going to start with the first easy of the band if you saw that before I took air sotelo and jana banda well that is another super important point that we cannot inhale simultaneously , when, we let go, cheers and that’s it; no, gangs, we can’t do that.

The first thing is to let go, that is to say to have the abdomen, to the position, to the position, normal for, say, like this or to the appearance, normal to let go and then and nothing, ready, we are not going, to let go of inhaling; no, no, no and, not ready, so, well depending on the position, this will be easier, or more difficult, for me personally sitting is much more difficult than standing but still I can use prison the third phase Now, it would be from the waves but, I am not able to do them as long as I have to get on my knees, or stop this in another way. There are many ways that we can explore but today I am only going to show you, let’s say 3 lists; Then the second way, let’s go, to enter, to that area as for a crossbar is healthy and ready, I place the cell phone, for a moment like that then let’s go, let’s do it let’s say it Roll ready then and nothing suddenly on the side, better and that’s it, then I start the swell, if they saw what to get: the rest, Saturday less, inhaled and exhaled, excuse me, active and now, nava, andrei himself you go out, straight, to tomlinson two forces one towards, inside and out .

We are going to give it to them again, ready and here I go, to stand here my feet a little more open than hips and nadal distance, or my hands go in this position here the hips, not like that right sticking out buttocks if we are not going to incorporate the back, we activate the throat band that I do not remember the name of that, moment but what we do is chin to the sternum ready let’s go now here everything, complete, ready, then, they are first, active and now, nothing second, I take out the rectus abdominis, the angles inside, I take it out

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