Chest WorkOut with RESISTANCE BANDS!!!!

In this video I show you a chest workout only using resistance bands working out from home. These 4 exercises will workout 3 different angles of your chest, giving it a great shape no matter your fitness level. Make sure you are using great form and technique to get the most out of these exercises. Control the positive and the negative when doing these home exercises. You can also do these exercises at a gyn using the cable machine if you want a little more resistance. Thanks for watching the video.

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-Time Stamps for Exercises
0:00 Intro
0:40 Cable fly 15-20 reps 3 sets
2:13 Decline fly 15-20 reps 3 sets
4:00 Incline Fly 15-20 reps 3 sets
5:48 Alternating Push-up Press 3 sets until failure

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  1. Great video I liked it Bc it’s everything the chest needs. Although I just can’t seem to feel my chest working when using resistance bands and it’s really annoying. If someone can help me out or give me some tips please do😭

  2. Question just bought me a set to begin I did the gastric sleeve surgery and I lost so much weight need to gain muscle cuz of the extra skin what video do u recomendable me doing every day

  3. Big thumbs up for the push up press technique. Subscribed and liked because you taught me a new exercise, and it works. Keep up the content. Looking forward to see what's next.

  4. Hi Dave. Ok, so i just stumbled on your site. Will go through some more of your content, as I'm always looking for variety. I go to the gym typically, but when I work out at home or travel, I use my bands. I have Bodylastics and have had them almost 10 years, with a few replacements here and there. What I have not seen so far is the number or repetitions or the amount of resistance you are suggesting. I see the technique you are using but no end game. For example, I try to see how many reps of a chest press (for example) I can do in 4 minutes. I will probably use a lighter resistance than if I were to do, say 15-20 reps, but it's got a cardio element to it. i may fatigue at 40 reps initially, stop wait 10 seconds and go again, maybe reaching 35, wait 10 seconds and go again…etc. Maybe in the 4 minutes (which seems like an eternity sometimes) I do 150 reps. I'll do 3 chest and 3 tricep exercises alternating, so arguably a 24 minute workout. What are your thoughts on this type of approach? I also now have the Bodylastics new EZ curl bar (with loops on the ends for the clips, as well as one in the middle) and it adds a whole new dimension, even more of a simulated gym workout. Lastly, it looks like you're local. I'm in the Dacula area just east of Buford. Look forward to your opinion.

  5. Great video! Just got some bands and was looking for workouts to do; thanks for posting these different types of exercises! Do you think resistance band training is enough to keep someone in shape while gyms are closed for quarantine?

  6. You appear to be using "Bodylastics" bands. I have used these for years and they are the best quality bands on the market and are consistent over the range of motion. I also have the outdoor strap anchor which means I can take the set to the park and tie off to nearly any stationary object.

  7. hi I'm new using these tubes. I have a question hope someone can help me. I just tried this workout but i never felt my chest working I mean the only pressure I felt was on my arms and shoulders but none on my chest is that normal or did I do anything wrong? I did it the same way as in this vid. same body position, squeezing my chest but still never felt it burn. Please someone help me understand

  8. Good information. Bought a pair of bands after 40 years in the gym due to cover concerns. They really help and although you won't build massive muscles they help you get toned or stay toned. Something is better than nothing…..

  9. Hello Dave, I'm a big fan and do appreciate what you are doing for the community. I wish you success on your channel. Just a question, is it better if I do Pyramid Sets or just Straight Sets?


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