Cheap And Healthy Meals That Even A College Student Could Make

Cheap And Healthy Meals That Even A College Student Could Make

Look, I get it. Everybody wants to start cooking at home war when it comes to a weeknight. You know you want it to be fast. Your message has been heard, but yet again we’re gonna need to do some field research for this one.

Anyway, let’s go so if we’re gonna be doing a video on like easy meals right. I already have too many tools. I need to see something bare-bones. What kind of a person would would have such a bare-bones kitchen? It doesn’t cook, and the answer is college, so this is an electrical unit that you know.

Do you usually just need this you guys usually make on a day-to-day. I need to get. I need to get some ideas rolling. When we go to the store. We usually go straight to the frozen section. We get chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, some french toast sticks.

It’s. French toast sticks french tip that’s, working yeah. So how is this? How do you organize this? Usually, oh, we don’t. The French toast stick um, really easy bag grab, two of them actually gonna end.

The video right after this is perfect. Let me look in your little yeah yeah cool. Oh, oh, why doesn’t even on right? That doesn’t know much toast sticks. I got those tiny toast sticks. They are done, huh yeah! I would love to try with that Wow.

It has a really nice tear. They’re, not bad, okay. Well, you have some fresh fruit in here I’m, actually shocked. You have fresh grapes, oh yeah, deep, any vodka Nesquik. That would be course number one, not sure why that knife that should not be and notice how its facing up yeah.

So am i doing don’t um, just quick tips measuring cups that’s good! There is ranch in there. The sister so sorry Sri Racha little bit of flour – hopefully oh so basic pots, basic pans, no more! No less! I’m, not going to include the wok cuz.

I’m. Just gonna assume people don’t have a wok, I feel like we’re good yeah. I appreciate you letting me come in and absolutely sand. I will make my exit and let me just put that in a better spot. I just thank you.

Thank you, so much nothing better than going into an innocent person’s, home razzing them, because the way that they organize their kitchen, nothing better than that. Am I right folks based off of what they had that’s? Basically, the parameters that I’m gonna work with to develop these recipes.

So with all that said, let’s. Do this? Shall we okay, so the first one is gonna be breakfast. This is essentially a leftovers frittata, so you’re gonna need one dozen eggs, yes, a whole thing: half a cup for 120 milliliters of whole milk, salt and pepper to taste.

Give it a little whiskey, whisk and then in a 10-inch nonstick pan you’re gonna add two tablespoons or 2 grams of unsalted butter bring that up over medium heat until it’s. Melty and booba Lee horn, your eggs and then begins stirring and cooking.

Now, once they begin to pull from the bottom, you’re gonna have one cup 14 grams of grated cheese. I did a couple different ones: manchego cheddar. You know you name about a cup, is it and about a cup and about a cup of cooked and about a cup of cooked vegetables, of your choice, kind of mixes, spinach and broccoli.

You know you do whatever you want mix until evenly distributed and then place it into it and then place it into an oven, preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25 minutes, or until it looks like this look at that this is a thick frittata.

Just let that cool to room temperature, where you can serve hot it’s up to you, I use a little price break down for you, this the total cost at $ 12.50. So that means that each serving is like a dollar 50 good deal.

We can serve at room temp, you can serve it hot. You can serve it cold, as whatever floats your boat there’s, nothing there’s, no wrong way to serve. It really serve it. Wouldn’t, maybe some avocado or some toast just go to town.

This keeps really well in the fridge two tosses it into a baggie or whatever storage container into your fridge and have ultra easy breakfast just make some toast microwave one of these, and you’re good to go.

Whoa get out of here extremely easy to make bag. Taking with you to work, you see what I’m saying this goes everywhere. Next, up is the meal that I skip eight times at a 10:00 lunch, and these are pretty much all the are gonna need, aside from some basics in a medium sized pot squeeze at a 12 ounce sausage link of chorizo yeah, like that into the Bowl into the pot begin cooking that over medium heat and so all the pork is cooking start to get some browning.

Then you’re gonna add 3/ of a teaspoon or two grams of red, pepper, spicy boys and four cloves of sliced garlic. Give that a little stir continue cooking until fragrant, then add half a cup per 100 20 milliliters of filtered water cook that down a little bit tilt search that look a little bit homogeneous, then add a 17.

6 ounce or 500 gram carton of crushed tomatoes season that A little bit of salt and pepper to taste give a little stir Easter and let that simmer for 10 minutes, oh and optionally. During that simmering process, you could totally add a sprig of thyme or whatever herb you like.

Okay, so once that’s, emailed fresh people are having an aneurysm right. Now we’re gonna add 3 cups or 75 grams of baby spinach. Just let that sit in there until wilts, followed by two cans of white navy beans, and you’re just gonna.

Let that sit in there until everything’s, nice and heated through, and that’s. It. That’s, the that’s. The beans bro before the English people lose their mind. This is basically a beans on toast, but not like English beans on toast it’s, just literally beans on toast just get a good piece of bread that you like.

You can use regular toast a French baguette like this, just toast it nicely hit it with a little bit of butter and then pour this stuff on top. I also added a little bit of parmigiano-reggiano and parsley, but that’s totally optional.

It’s delicious without it. Okay, so here’s, a rough price breakdown we’ve, got the total cost without bread $ 10.55 with bread, it’s. About $ 15 total cost per serving is about two dollars and 50 cents with bread.

It’s, pretty dang good for the English people who are watching. I apologize little Italian, some sort of it’s, a good. I could charge $ 14 for this from anjuman Wes, the one industry I have a whole hell of a lot left.

It doesn’t have to go in this. It can go on rice, you make it you package it up and just put it in the fridge now for dinner, we’re gonna be doing pasta, yo yo yo yo. Did I do that right hope, so thank you needed straight-up as this, but I also cooked off some chicken breasts and roasted some vegetables, which brings me to another point.

You can take a boat little vegetables like this broccoli or these carrots toss them in a little bit of oil. Some salt pepper, you can also put spices on them and you place them in an oven and set to about 425 Fahrenheit, just until they get a little char.

A little soft I like this, then you can just make a bunch at a time store them in the fridge and then you’ve got loads of vegetables to use and other things, but I’m off my soapbox with that. Okay, so before we make our pasta, let’s, prepare our chicken boobies.

I used bone-in skin-on split chicken breasts. You can do five, you could do ten. I just did two here now. I did this in a stainless steel pan, where I kind of like fill the bottom with herbs and lemon and all that stuff, but you can also just do a plain on a baking sheet.

If you have a bunch of other there’s, no problem with that, just drizzle them with a little bit of olive oil, rub them down season them heavily with salt and pepper and then place them in an oven set to 425 degrees, Fahrenheit or 220 degrees Celsius for about 25 to 35 minutes or until the skin is nice and crispy golden brown and the interior registers the appropriate temperature for chicken, which is 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

I usually pull them about five degrees early to make the pasta bring a medium sized pot filled about 3/4 of the way up with water to a boil season heavily with salt. Like I want this bit salty once it comes to a boil, you’re gonna add one pound of spaghetti to it, cook that until al dente we should reserve about 1/2 cup of the pasta, water and then well drain your pasta, yeah.

We know how to do that now separate pan. You’re gonna add 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, bring it up to heap just until it’s. Hot don’t, get it smoky just until it’s. Super hot then turn the heat off and add 4 cloves of finely chopped garlic along with half a teaspoon or 1 gram of crushed red pepper, flakes swirl it around.

Let it get nice and fragrant, then add your pasta to this pan toss very well to coat adding your pasta, water, then toss toss toss make sure to make a humongous mess. I never get the right size pan for this, for some reason that are just the salt levels and add a quarter cup or 10 grams of finely chopped parsley toss that together.

That is the easiest pasta of all time and it’s, so cheap to make just serve that onto a plate with your chicken and your roasted vegetables, you get it, you know, and also you could just have the pasta by itself.

It’s incredible by itself. Okay, so here’s, how lethal to price break down with all this put together, we got a total cost of about $ 16 per serving for about three people is about $ 5.25, not not too shabby.

Okay, so it’s, time for bonus round, which is basically just going to be an instant ramen remake. Since we’re on the subject of college students, a little bit sort of, but cutting some more into strips thinly sliced.

Some green onions cut up some protein that you might already have pre-prepped whatever meat doesn’t matter. If you’re, making some sort of a miso instant ramen, then I would really recommend that you cut up some corn.

You can leave it raw, you can grill it, you can char it or honestly. I think it’s. Great raw, and I know a lot of people. Didn’t like eel gross. It’s, really common, all right. So what’s good? All that gathered up, let’s, make some soft-boiled eggs.

However, many you want just bring a small pot of water to a boil: gently submerge, your eggs and let them cook for about seven minutes, then immediately cool them down in an ice bath till they’re warm.

You know about couple minutes and then gently peel them and look at that. You ‘ Ve got a beautiful, soft-boiled egg. Now for the meat you know you can heat it. However, you want. I had some leftover pork chop that I cut up.

I crisped it up in a pan. I added a couple tablespoons of mirin couple, tablespoons of sake and a couple tablespoons of dark soy sauce and let that reduce until we got a nice syrup to coat now, we’re ready.

You just need to choose a ramen that you want now. I ‘ Ve got all these different choices. Here I decided to go with this Nissen miso ramen. It looks pretty good, so yeah just prepare it according to package instructions, get it in your bowl and top it with all of your beautiful toppings.

We’ve got that green onion. We’ve got that soft-boiled egg. We got that crispy, but glazed me, you know it’s, just like a classic bowl of ramen and if it’s good instant ramen. Honestly it’s, pretty close.

Now, obviously, nothing will ever substitute, but yeah got ta say this ramen really looks like well from it. Let us embark, I haven’t, had an instant ramen in like six or seven years, so really good those despising meatball.

I mean the sodium sweats. It & # 39; s actually got some like sustenance to it. You know it’s, not just like noodles and salty broth, but isn’t really even broth. But do you want to know what isn’t noodles and salty broth, [, Music, ], [ Applause, ] or a guys, and that is it so easier, healthier, ish meals? Obviously, there are a million things that we could do and I’m, pretty sure I’m gonna extrapolate on this more and further videos, but I think this is a good little starter.

A little push off there’s, always gonna be something that’s. Gon na complain about whatever I do. I can put one and won’t be like I want to eat the plate. How do I eat? Please Josh show me how to eat a plate anyway.

The point is thank you for watching to the end. We thought that said. If you enjoyed this video or you learned something, leave a like subscribe, and I will see you next time: [, Music, ],

49 thoughts on “Cheap And Healthy Meals That Even A College Student Could Make

  1. These recipes are too expensive for broke college students. How about some Korean recipes for broke college students? Gimbap, gyeranbap, gilgeori, spice up the ramen… those are cheap & easy meals a college student can afford & prep.

  2. the dishes are all amazing and way healthier than the garbage fast food they had but unfortunatly i cant eat that because i need to watch my calories and I am a big eater so I have to go easy on the fats. Nice vid tho 🙂

  3. All we have in our dorm fridge is an opened can of corn, which isnt even cold, because the fridge got unplugged due to coronavirus, because we werent allowed to stay in dorm.

  4. Eggs are cholesterol bombs. Definitely not the best unless you portion and eat from healthy animals without antibiotics or anything

  5. I am very confused with the prices here, being british, I'm surprised that a baguette would be $5. Here you can get an M&S baguette for like £1 or £2. I know the currencies aren't the same but do the conversion and it's clearly a lot cheaper here.

  6. …. I had a microwave, coffee pot, and mini-fridge in my dorm room. There was a bare-bones old kitchen in the dark and creepy basement that almost no one used.
    To top it off, that college student has a nicer apartment than I do right now even outside of college. Ain't the real world great.

  7. Me who just eat rice and some soft fried egg with some soy sauce being confused why tf all the per serving is so expensive

  8. That's the first time in my life I see an American cooking decent pasta. Yes, even aglio e olio.
    You even added the cooking water, that's the good stuff! Chapeau

  9. I just made a similar pasta with shrimp instead of chicken and had garlic knots with it. My price was 2.50 per serving. I think my ingredients aren’t as expensive because your price list is quite high. $4 for a carton of eggs? Are they organic cage free or something? Your olive oil seems very expensive too. Lots of little things seem too expensive. Half a cup of milk shouldn’t be that pricey unless it’s organic or something.

  10. In our dorm we were too lazy to stand up from our laptops so we ate mayonaisse and ketchup from the bottle, also the water boiler was prepared with water to make some cheap noodle soup with our legs on the desk.

  11. Please do more of this series! I'm in college and i'm trying to eat quick and healthy (school cafe is too expensive!). I usually get stuff from grocery store that doesn't go bad too quickly, like potatoes, carrots, onions, eggs etc. It would be awesome if there are ways to even use the veggie peels whatnot (personally, i'm down for anything edible)

  12. soo as a recent ex-student (europe, so no loans) i have one pan, one pot, two electric stove plates and a microwave+ (a present). cooking is not that hard honestly, cheap shelf-stable shit like rice, pasta, dried anything, canned ingredients etc can get you through the month quite cheaply. if you want or need to live hardcore, you can survive on a diet of rice, oil and kidney beans quite long. might get bland but very cheap

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