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Welcome to my channel, today i want to Reviews about XGODY Q9 Smart Watch Android IOS Waterproof Smart Bracelet Band Women Men Sports Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Smartwatch For iphone
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XGODY Q9 Smart Watch Android IOS Waterproof Smart Bracelet Band Women Men Sports Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Smartwatch For iphone
1. Main interface
Press the touch area in the main interface to switch the dial directly.

2. Pedometer step counter
Always check the number of steps walking in the day, You can also be synchronized to the APP in time, view and analyze the movement data.

3. Movement distance and calories
The equipment automatically monitors the movement of mileage, heat consumption.

4. Health monitoring
Long press to enter the heart rate, real-time monitoring, Blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring.

5. A variety of Sport mode monitoring
Press to enter the movement mode monitoring. 4 kinds of Sport Mode available.

6. Sleep quality monitoring
Wearing a bracelet to sleep, it can monitor the length of sleep, deep sleep and light sleep state.
According to the data, you can adjust the sleep status, improve the health index.

7. Messages reminder/Message push
When there is new message, the device will vibrate to remind you and display the message on screen.
The corresponding message displays the corresponding icon,the Q9 will retain the current 3 messages.And the messages support Multi-language display: Russian, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese,Ukrainian, Czech, Turkish, Japanese

8.Customize WatchWallpaper

You could use your own photo to customize the watch wallpaper, Highdefinitiondisplayrestoreyourphotoesonthewatch.

9. More Function
Incoming call remind, Drink water reminder, Alarm clock, Sedentary reminder, Find bracelet, Remote control camera.

Model: Q9
Screen Material: Color TFT
Charge: USB charger cable
Host Weight:30g
Chip: nordic52832
Connection: Bluetooth 4.0
Screen Size: 1.3inch
Water resistant: IP67
Battery type: Polymer lithium battery
Capacity: 180mah
APP Language: Russian, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese(APP synchronization)

What is in the Box>>
1 x Q9 Sport Smart Watch(With Retail Box)
1 x Replacement Strap For Gift
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
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Join trainers Stephen Cabral, Lauren Hefez, Cassey Ho and Hanneke Antonelli as they demonstrate 5 different amazing butt exercises to help you tone your booty in time for summer! The five moves include:

1. Walking side squats
2. Barre butt exercises
3. Bird dog
4. Seated leg sweeps
5. Bridges with a Pilates circle (or exercise band)


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The Fat Decimator System


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The Fat Decimator System



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The Fat Decimator System

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The Fat Decimator System


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Get Atomic Attraction (Kindle/Paperback/Audiobook): https://www.developattraction.com/atomic-attraction/

Studies into smiling and attractiveness show that women who smile are rated more attractive. But what do women think of men who smile? It’s natural to assume that women are attracted to men who smile and appear friendly.

Science, however, tells a different story. A study published in the journal Emotion found that women are more attracted to men who have brooding and mysterious facial expressions as opposed to men who have smiling, friendly expressions.

In the study, the male and female participants were asked to rate the sexual attractiveness of members of the opposite sex when they displayed different facial expressions and emotions. These various facial expressions included happy (smiling), sad, moody, broody, proud, powerful, and confident expressions.

What was most interesting about the study was that women rated the men who “smiled” as the least attractive. Men who displayed a “moody” appearance were rated more attractive than men in the “smiling” condition.

Of all the different facial expressions, women rated the “broody” men as the most attractive. There are many reasons to explain these results. First, the man who smiles is more likely to be perceived as weak and open to influence and manipulation.

A woman sees the man’s smile for what it really is: an attempt on the part of the man to win favor by pretending to be nice. Conversely, the man who assumes a “broody” demeanor is more likely to appear masculine and less open to influence and manipulation.

At first, it’s natural to assume that women would prefer being around men who are friendly and approachable, but the results of the study indicate that women are more likely to feel safe and secure around “broody” men because these men are more likely to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones in times of danger.

By now you’re probably wondering if it’s ever okay to smile at a woman? And second, if you make eye contact, should you remain cold-faced and broody, or should you break the tension with a smile? The ideal strategy is to maintain a broody expression around women you want to seduce, then, when you make eye contact, you can offer the woman a muted impish smile to signal warmth and approachability.

The impish smile is a slight smile that turns the edge of the mouth upwards then slides away just as easily as it appeared, projecting a look of bemusement as opposed to appearing overly excited by the woman’s presence. At the same time, the impish smile allows you to maintain an aura of mystery as the woman is left wondering whether or not you actually like her.

Every time you smile at a stranger and use social graces like “please” and “thank you” you’re attempting, either consciously or unconsciously, to ingratiate yourself with that person. When a man smiles for no reason, women become suspicious. The nice guy thinks that smiling at women will make him look more attractive. In reality, women are turned off by his all too familiar nice guy behavior.

One study conducted by researchers at the University of British Colombia found that men are rated as less sexually attractive when they smile.

Even in online dating studies researchers found that men who posted pictures “not smiling” had more success compared to men who posted pictures of themselves “smiling.” Any time you attempt to ingratiate yourself with a woman by smiling, you inadvertently run the risk of killing attraction.

One hallmark of the alpha male is that his thoughts and actions should be in perfect alignment. An alpha male smiles because he has a reason to smile, not because he feels socially compelled to do so. An alpha male is attractive because his emotions come from a place of honesty.

The nice guy is anything but honest. The nice guy’s actions are designed to please other people and do not reflect his true thoughts or feelings.

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The Fat Decimator System