BURN FAT FAST From Home | No Equipment

Follow Along With as He Shows You How To FAST From Without the need of…


43 thoughts on “BURN FAT FAST From Home | No Equipment

  1. I managed to do this 3x today and was waiting at the end for him to say "youve to do do this at least 3 to 4 rounds" made me kinda proud lol

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  5. I don't care what people claim about you. True or not. Your a good motivator. I may not agree on everything but I'm still learning. Yeah your hot but you also seem to be sweet. Keep it up bro hugs

  6. I gain weight on everything I eat. So I eat refried black beans with tuna and hot sauce. And eggs sometimes. I need more protein. And I can’t sleep long which sucks 4-5 hrs a day for me. Question : is refried black beans considered healthy?

  7. I've been following this routine for 7 days. I really needs some advice. I'm exhausted every time I finished all 7 exercises 3 times. Should I take a day rest or keep on doing it on a daily basis.

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