BUBBLE BUTT CHALLENGE (SEE RESULTS IN 2 WEEKS) | Booty Lift Workout | At Home | No Equipment

Don’t your thighs, start growing your ! This is a 2 Week Glute Bridge Challenge to…


38 thoughts on “BUBBLE BUTT CHALLENGE (SEE RESULTS IN 2 WEEKS) | Booty Lift Workout | At Home | No Equipment

  1. Hello everyone!! I do not usually comment on YouTube videos, but I must say! I've been doing this work out for a month. I did it for two weeks, loved the results. I then added a resistance band for one week. Then I doubled the work out w/ the resistant band for the last week. Now I'm here!! I love the results and definitely recommend that you give it a try! Remember to try to add to the work out at your own pace. Train the same stay the same! Best of luck!

  2. Am I supposed to be doing this every day for 2 weeks? If so could I do it 3 days a week for a month instead or something? It’s just not possible for me to do this every single day lol

  3. This workout is amazing!!! She wasn’t kidding when she said 2 weeks. I started seeing results on day 8. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS WORKOUT!❤️

  4. Doing this workout for 10 days in a row now. I combine it with the video also from fitbyivana under name intense brazillian but lift challenge from 2021. I do that with every three days pause (like recommended) and it is almost always hard as the first day. Those are greeeat workouts! I don't see big changes yet, but my gluteus is going sturdy.
    I am only not sure is it okay to combine them in the same time? Is it too much? Will the results be missed?

  5. Hi! I’ll follow this workout for exactly 2 weeks, just before my trip with friends. Please help me motivate myself. Also I’m doing this with a resistance band and weight.
    Day 1✅

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  7. I’m really really thankful for this girl and this video! My butt grow up as I never see, I’ve already do many videos but I was never satisfied by the result and now 🥲🤯 my booty are so sexy, so round! I’ve won 3 cm in 2 weeks 🥳 I’m really proud of myself to do it till the end! I recommend it ❤️

    I’m gonna continue with Brazilian butt challenge 🏋🏾‍♀️

  8. Thank you, Ivana! There are definite results. I've done this on and off for a two weeks, maybe 3 times a week (can't do it on consecutive days, too sore!) and I put on nearly 2cm round the booty. I've tried a number of other videos, but this is by far the most "focused" and activated I feel my glutes.

  9. Ramadan glow up.
    I’m starting this today. I will do this exercises after Iftar. I also will do these exercises 5 times a week. For example i will do it on Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday is rest days, on Thursday and Friday i will do it again, on Sunday is rest day and on Saturday i will do it again.

    12.4.2021-🌞 94cm
    13.4.2021– 🌞
    14.4.2021- rest day 96

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