Brazilian Butt Lift Challenge (RESULTS IN 1 WEEK) | BUBBLE BUTT WORKOUT | No Equipment | At Home

Brazilian Butt Lift Challenge (RESULTS IN 1 WEEK) | | No Equipment | At…


47 thoughts on “Brazilian Butt Lift Challenge (RESULTS IN 1 WEEK) | BUBBLE BUTT WORKOUT | No Equipment | At Home

  1. I’m 3 days away from summer break so I have 8 weeks until my damn school starts again I’m gonna try to post updates for a week on here but then I’ll post my results on my girls only tiktok

  2. My new challange starting tomorrow for 30 days and then ill move to another one . You had so many . I love all of them ..thry brutal lol

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  4. I'm going to do this workout for 1 week (I'm going to use a resistance band too tho) :
    Day 1: Just did it. It was very hard. I took breaks between the sets (especially at 5 and 6). (remind me if I forget to update please ❤️🤠)

  5. Am a boy .Why exacly im doing it ?
    Cuz i already have girly butt .
    There was situations when some ppl stare at my butt and some of them clapped it cuz they thought i was girl
    Im saying –
    ,,if im already have girly butt… Why wont i make it to maximum ? "
    And im doing it too cuz i need excersize.
    Good luck and thank you for reading it(^ω^)

  6. I did this for a whole week and then at the end of the week I found a difference this defo works I’m not going to lie it is rly hard but you just have to think about the after results will be like 😌

  7. So guys I’ll be taking one for the team and struggling so we can see if this gives results to see if it’s worth it. I’ll be eating normally just no fast food, one cup of green tea everyday and a protein packed snack afterwards, usually peanut butter, oats and banana smoothie. Since this increases leg//but strength I also want to see it this improves my running since I do running.
    BOOTY: 91.44cm
    800m time: 3 mins 2 seconds
    Day 1// DONE ✅
    Day 2// DONE✅
    Day 3// DONE✅
    Day 4// DONE✅ my butt does look a little perkier 😏😂 and it hurts omg
    Day 5// DONE✅ feels a little easier only a little
    Day 6// DONE✅ might start putting weights on my legs!! Butt looking rounder 😏😏

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  9. Tag 1: geschafft war nicht so schwer wie ich dachte aber mein hintern brennt 🔥
    Tag 2: geschafft, mein hintern brennt wieder 🔥(hatte keinen Muskelkater von gestern)
    Tag 3: geschafft 🙂 bin voll motiviert
    Tag 4: geschafft 🙂 spüre schon erste Veränderungen, aber mache noch ein anderes booty workout von ihr alle 2 Tage
    Tag 5: abs
    Tag 6:anderes booty workout
    Tag 7: geschafft 2x morgens und abends
    Tag 8: andere Workouts für po und gegen hipsi dipsi
    Tag 9: Hälfte mit Résistance Band Medium :)))))))))

  10. My starting size is 90cm
    Day 1 done
    Day 2 done
    Day 3 I didn't workout because I was too busy
    Day 4 done
    Day 5 done
    Day 6 done
    Day 7 done
    Day 8 rest
    My size is still same so I will do this workout with rest days
    Day 9 done
    Day 11 done
    Day 13 done
    I only ate a little more and didn't add much protein as I eat with my family. Today my size is 90.3 cm (I measured after working out and stretching). I will continue and check the results.
    Day 16 done
    Day 20 done

  11. Yooo beauties m gonna try this challenge routine starting today…my butt size is 38.5 in lets see if it works 🇮🇳

    Day 1✅ (with 2 bearks 1 min each)
    Day 2✅ (am alive)😂😭
    Day 3✅😓
    Day 4…rest
    Day 5✅ remember to squeeze your butt
    Day 6✅

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