Booty Pump Workout 👍🏼10 mins Booty Burn | Hourglass Program

This is episode 3 of my new Hourglass Program. This 10 min workout is going to target and…


41 thoughts on “Booty Pump Workout 👍🏼10 mins Booty Burn | Hourglass Program

  1. uhm…. is it normal not to feel the glute working during exercises like the fire hydrant, but feel it during the bridge?? Or does that mean I'm doing it wrong??

  2. Ok all these people in the comments who have tried daisy keeches butt workout which do u think works better? This one? Or daisys? Just wondering

  3. Is it just me or whenever you take a quick breather in the middle of the workout you feel like Chloes watching you so you start again

  4. Hi I am on my 2 day workout
    Even my hands and fingers are trembling to type it
    I hope I reach 200 days of your workout
    And one doubt
    Can we drink water after workout?

  5. How do you do the flutter kicks without hurting your crotch& hipbones??? I know I’m capable of doing it but my hipbones are literally scraping my yoga mat

  6. I GOT SIX PACK IN ONE MONTH!!! I took diet plan from Agoge Diet. With their diet plan and tips, transformation is guaranteed, trust me. They also provide you with training plan and healthy recipes.

  7. Broke my leg 3 months ago and lost all muscle. I've been struggling to find a workout program that doesn't hurt, but Chloe's is perfect! Can't wait for my booty cheek to come back lmao!!

  8. No veo comentarios es español así que les diré mi experiencia llevo:
    Una semana, al principio no podía con la rutina y no me salían igual los ejercicios, pero ahora tengo más resistencia y se me hizo hasta corto el video (día por medio)

    Hoy vamos por la segunda semana, volveré en fin de semana para decir mi avance 🙂

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