BOOTY IN 2 WEEKS?! I did Daisy Keech’s butt workout | before & after results

BOOTY IN 2 WEEKS?! I did ’s workout | before & after results

For two weeks I…


28 thoughts on “BOOTY IN 2 WEEKS?! I did Daisy Keech’s butt workout | before & after results

  1. LET ME TELL YOU LADIES…As a big booty girl all my life, if you do not do any other booty exercise, do this. IT WORKS!!! And the best thing about it, even if you have a very small frame, it's going to firm and lift giving you the roundness fit to your frame.

  2. Guys keep doing these and eventually start adding weights to your ankles!!!! The workouts will fee brand new! And more booty gains trust!!!!

  3. Watching this was hilarious 🤣 …. The exercises work! But I have never been so entertained while watch a glute workout! 🤗 love this!!

  4. I also get one butt worked more than the other too. It's frustrating not to be even, so I always do twice o my weak leg first and have a mirror beside me to compare both legs.

  5. I was laughing out loud throughout the whole video. Your hilarious 😂 So I’m thinking about doing this workout. I’ve heard that sitting for a long time can weaken ur glutes. Is this true? If so should I avoid sitting down as much as I can while doing these exercises? I’m also impatient as hell 😭 How long does it take before seeing results? How often should this be done in a week?

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