BodyBuilder vs Cross Fit Athlete – Karen with Brooke Ence

โ€‹@ stops by and brings Karen with her…

Santa couldn’t make it…


44 thoughts on “BodyBuilder vs Cross Fit Athlete – Karen with Brooke Ence

  1. So you gotta go to the Founder of Crossfit to know why the classics are named after women. Greg Glassman answered that question by saying…. and I'm paraphrasing….. that these CF classics leave you blown away, spent, on your back asking yourself 'wtf was that?" He knew of only one other thing that left him that way and it was a woman.

  2. I do a sortakinda variation of wall-balls in my low-ceilinged apartment. Thrusters with a 75-lb sandbag. (No, not 150 rep. 195 in sets.) Huge applause for Steve, representing us tall guys.

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