Bigger Butt Workout at Home

at home. Quick without weights to get a perfect and lifted


7 thoughts on “Bigger Butt Workout at Home

  1. hey guys , i’m going to do all of this workout & i’ll update you guys each week of doing this until i feel satisfied. I’ll workout with this workout six times a week & twice in a day. first workout in the morning & second on the night. i also took some pictures to see how much of a change really happens. A lot of you say this workout really works so i’m really excited to try it out. i’ll let you guys know how many reps and times i’ll do the exercises when i update on week one. i’ll workout sun-fri & do a whole another workout on sat

  2. So I have been doing this for about a month now,and I have to tell you its working,my butt is bigger!!I use to think it's impossible to grow a booty without lifting weights,but this proved me!!!!!!

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