Bigger Butt? Why You Should Think Twice About "Butt Enhancement" Pills

Everyone wants a big these days! Celebrities and movie stars are showing off their bottoms…


35 thoughts on “Bigger Butt? Why You Should Think Twice About "Butt Enhancement" Pills

  1. They just don’t want people being curvy. They want you to spend thousands on surgery. Fuck societal norms. If you wanna gain weight and supplements work then do what works for you and what works best. Everyone is different.

  2. I used pills n after a month I started feeling a tingling sensation on my right butt,after 3 months it became slightly painful,then a little more pain …10 months later my right butt is soo painful spreading down to my leg… left butt n leg is completely fine never felt anything….but I'm so scared….as I write this my right butt is killing me n my leg,it's hot and painful….😭 N also I noticed my right butt is slightly bigger than my left,when I touch it I feel a difference,though slight …..can it affect my nerves? cancer?I regret this so much,I used ones called 3 day hip up,I am terrified,why so much pain 10 months later, should I be worried 😭😭 what do I do

  3. Lies! It work for me. Maca roots and aguaje. I saw a diference in my hips area wirhin 2 weeks. Then the butt within 1 month. I did took 2 tea spoon a day and 3 aguaje pills a day. I was extremely flat. Oh and i check with my gynéco during the journey: i had awful pms and hormonal pb. At first he SAID take it but only 6 month. He wanted to prescrib to me tones of progestérone. After analysis, he had to admit that it work. No choice cause exam was telling i was good.
    Dont ask me what brand and whatnot i am not doing ads i will not respond. But it was in a peruviàn store. Orgànic. Fine a good supplément.

  4. My thyroid gets hyperactive after childbirth and triggers my thyroid autoimmune disease hashimotos. I was informed to use fenugreek by influencers to produce more milk for my 8 week premature baby and was told to stop taking the fenugreek by my Doctor because of my thyroid issues and the hormones in fenugreek. Too much estrogen can lead to many illnesses including autoimmune diseases. Consult a doctor first for sure!

  5. Dr oz .. I do not like you anymore.. You're might be a doctor and im not but you may also be a liar and im not.. Stop feeding p lies. I respect you no more.. You're all about your money.. Don't be surprised a tiny pill can do so much.. Both you and I know there are tinnier pills that do worse.. It's all about their ingredients. What it's made of and its reaction to the body overtime.. Now im not saying to women go out there and buy booty pills theyre all good.. All I'm saying is that you are criticizing not only one product but all booty pills collectively when you haven't done any scientific research or studies
    . all analogies and your perceptions… I have never tried booty pills.. But knowing the science behind the ingredients.. I would say.. It's worth finding A RIGHT ONE do research and trying it.. Remember ladies.. There's alot of scamming out there so be careful..

  6. I'm not saying it will help with a bigger butt but herbs have healing properties and they're from God so they are safer than most drugs doctors recommend for us daily but they don't warn us about that, so don't make it seem like herbs are bad, of course you have to learn how to use them but herbs are awesome

  7. If you have ever used any of these products and it worked for you just come out and demonstrate it to the public. You don't have to defend the products by commenting here. It's as simple as that

  8. What does seem like is the herbs in the products effect the body in the same way as estrogen which is what gives women a "womanly" figure. I would be concerned about what the effect would be if the balance of hormones are off due to that.

  9. I always knew those reviews and pictures were fake something about it just didn't seem right that's not all some of the websites have the same picture you saw on another website that's why I never bought any of it and girls are on YouTube talking to others into buying it smh just so they can get pay of course but I also don't listen to doctors who want to charge too much to give girls a fake butt or boobs and they may not even make it out alive 🙄I only listen more to my instance ✌️

  10. LIES! I never believed they work till I tried using ultimate maca pills and butt oil. A bit expensive but worked like a charm! The results are amazing for me. My ass is fatter and my hips are no longer narrow.

  11. So if it's not made in the lab it doesn't work? Please! Appreciate natural products too caz they've been used and they work. Just because you haven't figured out a scientific explanation doesn't mean something isn't true

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  13. Clearly she is not that educated on herbs. This is why its actually working for some. Some herbs give you a bigger appetite hence weight gain.

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