Bigger Butt Subliminal 10 HOURS – Increase Butt Size w/ Subliminal & 295.8 Hz Frequency

Get a bigger using messages and binaural beats frequencies. Get your ideal…


31 thoughts on “Bigger Butt Subliminal 10 HOURS – Increase Butt Size w/ Subliminal & 295.8 Hz Frequency

  1. It really works. It's so true. You will get muscle pain. I didn't get it the first time. But the second…….. My whole lower body was hurting. I fell asleep the second time and heard 2 hours. The first time I listened over 2 hours too. Damn….. It really works. I'm already slim thick, but it can never hurt to get thicker!!! 💪🏾😍 Have a lovely and blessed day today y'all.

  2. Is it weird that I the middle of my sleep while I was listening to it, it sounded like someone was running through my house. Then started playing with my computer mouse. I had to force myself to get up, this has never happened before and idk what to think

  3. Hi my name Is tia and this is my second time listening to this I don't think the other ones I used worked but a while back I was playing on my mom's scale and I think I was 153 now I'm 148 I'm gonna continue to listen to this my butt hasn't grown yet but I lost some weight I'm pretty sure in my stomach because when I listen to it my stomach is tightening and tingling and kinda hurting (comment for me to update cause I might forget)

  4. you guys this works!!! my friends have been telling me that my ass has grown and i have only been using it for less then a full mounth. just believe and everything you desire will happen! thank you universe for making me get a huge ass!!!

  5. I think its about building a repetition of better eating and exercising. 😂🤦🏽 I'm sorry bro but the phone off the hook tone is completely annoying. It truly about remembrance through meditation and again manifesting healthier habits. I think an hour of the phone off the hook would drive anybody to the fridge for a snack break. Good God 😣

  6. I’m listening to this right now, after 15 mins I can feel the cells going to work ! 🙂 and I found out that it works! 🙂 We can do whatever we want 🙂 we will reach whatever we think 🙂 just believe and thinks about what you want 🙂 we are all parts of one body so your happiness makes me happy as well 🙂

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