Bigger Butt Home Workout | No Weights!

| No Weights!
Hey guys, we’re again! This time with a


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  1. Can we get to 300 likes? 🙂
    Hope you enjoy the workout though! The November 2017 'before' pictures were taken after about 6 months of on and off bodyweight training. To see how I looked before any form of training, check out our wider hips workout.The whole transformation has been gym and weights free. Make sure to do this workout ONCE a week. If you want to know why, check out our wider hips workout video.
    Thanks ^_^

  2. I have a question if you could please answer me. What food categories should I be consuming to get results. Also what is a good pre workout snack and post workout snack . Thank you for the videos. I definitely look forward to doing them. 😊

  3. I never commented on this vid but it’s part of my workout since January of 2020 I’ve been doing this and it definitely made my butt bigger 👏🏽😤 I love ur channel

  4. Hi, I know you say to do these once or twice a week. But other videos say the same- can I do each video exercise once a week together with the others to work different muscle groups?

  5. Hello, I need some advice. I was never blessed with a bum or big thighs and I have been wanting to build them up for so long now. The only trouble is, I have mild scoliosis which causes muscle imbalance in my quads and glutes. My left quad is bigger than my right, and my right glute is bigger than my left. I have tried your hip and butt workouts and have seen muscle growth, but the more I work out, the more obvious the imbalance. I can't afford physio or personal training to help but I desperately want to be able to build big, even muscles in my lower body. Id really appreciate any help you guys could give me, I love your videos.

  6. I strongly recommend ankle weights with this and a weight plate on your lower abs for serious gains. I don’t see this working without weights unless you’re toning what you have 👌🏼

  7. I'm starting the weight gain program so if i was already working out with light weights and resistance bands,should I do this just with body weight? and what is MCR?

  8. Any video where u explain how you guys build muscle working out once a week with no weight? I find that so so interesting and wanna try cause it is better and dont get bored or tired.. but wanna know more abt the mtter. Thanksss 😊😊❤️

  9. Heyy! I’m glad that I stumbled across you guy’s channel!!! Love the info that’s given I’m going to try to start your workouts soon. Love your workout outfits info place???

  10. Hey, i really h o p e ull see this, after this and the hip workout my muscles hurt after i did them BUT after some hours they didnt anymore and the day after the arm muscles hurt more, and i tried my best to not depend on the arms..
    Does it mean that it didn’t work for the booty and hips??

  11. Can we add more reps to each exercise and get the same results? I still plan on doing it once a week and consuming a caloric surplus. Its just that I feel like I need more reps. My body is accustom to weight training so to scale down to body weight Its hard more me to feel the burn.

  12. I can’t squat like her …my upper body has a tendency to learn forward…something in my legs doesn’t have the flexibility for this . Any tips ?

  13. I've been doing these exercises for about a month and the burning feeling stated to fade does this mean I have to increase the amount of times I do the exercise ?

  14. Idk what im doing wrong, i only feel this in my legs. I only feel the work in my butt when i do fire hydrants? What am i doing wrong?? Please respond, that would help alot!

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