Bigger Butt Exercises for Women at Home

at home. Bodyweight workout to tone and lift your fast….


16 thoughts on “Bigger Butt Exercises for Women at Home

  1. I just started doing this workout and already it is one of my favorites. I alredy have a 42 or 43 inch hips so why shouldn't it be firm and strong? I use 2 lb. ankle weights when doing the routine and can really feel the burn.I feel this is a must exercise routine to help develop a strong lower body and to help elimate back pain.

  2. Hi, first of all, great channel!

    I try to do my best but please don't jugde me for my English. I know that I still make mistakes.
    But I have got a question concerning the videos helping you to burn calories. I know it's just a guideline but does the number of calories also count if you have a break and go on later or does it actually only make sense do it without pause?

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