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  1. Hi guys!!! BOOTY CHALLENGE is finally here!!!! The link to sign up for the challenge and get the calendar is in my description, (IT IS FREE)! The links to the equipment I use is also in my description. I also have a booty challenge playlist on my channel with other helpful videos like glute activations, muscle growth guide, supplements, and more. LET'S GET THICCCCC FOR THICCCCMASSS OKAAAAAY!!!!

  2. I just like you so much. Been watching you for a long time. You're so real :D. And you are the perfect role model. I bought womens best stuff (your line) just because you inspired me.

  3. I just downloaded the calendar, but I'm confused about Day 3 – What is the HIIT workout? Asking for a friend…Thanks!

    Edit: Also on Day 5 should we be combining all days (Day 1-4) or just repeating exactly what we did on Day 1 only?

  4. i love your workout vicky!! you're the ONLY one that been able to get me to be consistent! Just wanted to ask can i do the booty exercises on my break days for the waist challenge. and i dont eat before i work out cuz i work out as soon as i wake up. so is that ok, will i still see booty growth or muscle growth?

  5. Hi guys, can someone tell me why there isn't a workout calendar? I confirmed a subscription several times and I checked my spam folder and nothing, is someone having this problem?

  6. Idk if these workouts are ok for a 14 year old underweight but i am very skinny and lost my apettite so i figured working out would help me out and also help my glutes but in my second day i could barely walk

  7. I will actually do this challenge.

    Started: 7/29/2020
    I am drinking protein, doing this workout 2x, glute activation, I am using a booty band and I have a 20 lbs dumbbell.
    Measurements: 34' hips/bum- 24' waist – 100lbs- 5'0 height

    7/29- Not too hard. I incorporate hip thrusts and donkey kicks because I really feel the burn on my bum.

  8. I entered my email to get the calendar plus confirmed that I’m not a robot and it’s not popping up 😩 I’ve checked spam/junk folder even the promotions folder and nothing. Someone please help lol

  9. I see a video for week 1, 2, 3, and 4.
    Am I supposed to do the same exercises for the whole week…? Someone please explain! Thank you. 💋

  10. Does anyone else have healthier cravings and feel motivated to exercise when on their period? I keep seeing all this like “I was about to but I got my period” and talk about chocolate/junk food cravings but I am the opposite, as well as I don’t get cramps but MAJOR migraines. However I only get mine like 2-3 times a year so maybe idk what I’m talkin about

  11. ok so im actually gonna do this and I’m gonna update so my butt is small but not to flat if that makes sense anyways I don’t have db or a rb so I use a backpack with HEAVY HEAVY BOOKS AND I USE A STRETCHY SMALL SHIRT AS A RB IT STILL GIVES ME THAT BURN SO IK IT WORKS BEFORE I start this workout I use once of her glute activation workouts then I do this workout and a ab workout after this one . Week 1 Day 1 : 👍🏽 im still learning how do the first workout it’s pretty hard but overall this is a really good workout and I felt the burn and ooo I sweat along Day 2 : 👍🏽 getting easier Day 3 : ugh I got my period and I have really bad cramps I’ll try to do this workout probably when my cramps go away👍🏽 did this workout with a glute activation

  12. heyo! im starting this 30 day challenge today! my current butt is 34 in. (ive already grown it 4 inches before starting this, yes ik my butt used to be super small)

    day 1 :
    -what i did: glute activation workout+week 1 booty workout+went on a walk
    -how i felt: this was TOUGH! i did this circuit three times, and used a 50 pound barbell for the deadlifts, and whew chile. that was insane! my butt cheeks are on fire! ill update u guys for my rest day tomorrow🔥❤️

  13. Vicky, i do not hate you because of jumping squats hahaha, i hate my lazy ex. Girlss, the breakup is a biggest motivation. I do not want him back, i just want him to suffer because he let me go, and also lost me for ever. Thank you Vicky, i already LOVE your workouts and energy.

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