BEST healthy recipes to lose weight!! cooking with remi

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44 thoughts on “BEST healthy recipes to lose weight!! cooking with remi

  1. could u PLEASE talk about what's happening in the world with the israel military ( the real terrorism ) and how they are k*ll*ng 16 YEARS OLD palestinian boys and arresting men and WEMAN for not leaving there childhood homes , love u keep up the good work

  2. Maybe my suggestion next time talking to boyfriend try asking

    and suggesting make your own of the

    most no added sugar healthier version doughnuts for him to enjoy inplace of bad version ones

  3. I just listened to wild til 9 pod and they had remi and alisha, and remi talk about booty calling cal after this pride rally with her skirt😂🤣

    -cal didn’t come through btw

  4. How do you take those pills. I got a free bottle of the balance pills, but those things are massive. Love the bcca powders in sour gummy peaches, didn’t know that they had in an energy drink. Woo

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