Hey guys!! 💕 in this video I’ll be showing you some of the best Glute workout to get thicc…


25 thoughts on “BEST GLUTE WORKOUT TO GET THICK at Planet Fitness | LOVEEMANDA

  1. Omg how do you do it I have a whole gym membership but literally do the most basic glute routine because all the guys usually be on the weights or I feel like someone is judging me if I don’t know what to do. Are there any times or days you can recommend where there aren’t many people in the gym? Thanks for the videos by the way I would love for my body to look like this but it just seems impossible.

  2. I can’t wait to get back into the gym! These vids are east to follow! I’m having my son any day now. How long did you have to wait till you were back in the gym?

  3. Hello beautiful great video! I don't have a gym membership lol but obviously still watch because love your channel but can you do more at home workouts? The last one you did was so helpful.

  4. Thanks for this video as always yu are inspiration to all of us. Currently I haven’t been feeling my workout n my eating habits are not as good as they should be 😔 I just wanna get back on track and loose weight it’s just so hard

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