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47 thoughts on “Best Crossfit Fails Compilation 2019 | The Gains Gods

  1. crossfit has to be the dumbest cult ever, but that guy at 0:52 seriously broke his fucking leg by throwing a bar directly onto it, I got to give that to him he earned that one for sure, just the level of stupid alone is off the chart

  2. I'd say I'm fit. Climber, cyclist, rowing etc. Been doing that for 15 years+
    Booked a one-week intro course for beginners at a local CF gym. After second training, I went out with a protrusion in my spine and both wrists damaged….

  3. I want to slap crossfitters when they do their aborted fetus version of pull-ups and feel like a beast of doing 100 reps of looking like an idiot

  4. First guy is extremely lucky to be alive. Had the back of his neck hit that barbell, he would've damaged his cervical spine at the foramen magnum resulting in death, or at the very least been put into a vegetative state on mechanical life support for the rest of his life.

  5. Reinventing the wheel with bro science. I was thinking the other day. dude what if we take like that pull up you know and like add swing too it just imagine what muscles it can activate we dont even know right. Yoo bro it's deep.. And like it will shock the body in unimaginable ways you know. I just feel it.

  6. Dude I'm into crossfit and I've never put more weight than I can handle, for my own safety. Even when I know i could lift some more I rather stay in the safezone and this is why. People are too reckless.

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