Benefits of massage therapy for Arthritis

Holly Firfer tells us how arthritis patients can find relief through .



Our approach to family chiro care is aimed at relieving your pain and helping you live a better life. When you come to our South Austin Chiropractic care center you can be certain that we will focus on delivering the treatments that can help you move beyond your discomfort and allow you to start enjoying your life free from restrictions once again.

18 thoughts on “Benefits of massage therapy for Arthritis

  1. Very informative! 😍
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  5. RA also isn't limited to old age either.. I'm 21 and I have it..

    How much does she spend on massages? Do they even last that long with RA? Doesn't seem worth it.. and expensive. And how do they know how to treat someone with RA in a massage? Seems difficult. Most normal massage therapists would do it wrong.

  6. massage therapy makes comfortable at skin and hart. but not really help at all. try to use a Canadian natural licensed product Arthron 5. you can find it at the page of arthritis cure medicine in google. RA must use natural medicine for recovery. heel better is useless.

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