BEGINNER'S GYM GUIDE | How To Start Lifting Weights

This is the beginning of your ! You will learn a few tips for weightlifting…


47 thoughts on “BEGINNER'S GYM GUIDE | How To Start Lifting Weights

  1. I'm doing chest, triceps, biceps, forearm 3 X 10 sets 3 different workouts and treadmill for 10min on 10km P/hr. On a diet plan an on a protein shake, 3 weeks in I feel awesome.

  2. I started working out when I got incarcerated I only did six months but was facing 2 years in the penitentiary anyways the first 2 months I played around from withdrawal from opiates I went in 190 no muscle tone at the end of 2 months I was down to 150 the third month I started doing 3 sets of 20 pushups 3 sets of thirty skull crushers tricep work out and 3 sets of twenty five squats to build testosterone. 4 month I was up to 3 sets of50 push ups 3 sets of 100 skull crushers 3 sets of 50 squats 5 month I notice I wasn't making Gaines so I became trustee laundry worker we had the 20 gallon drums of bleach or detergent I saved one filled it almost half way probably 8 or 9 gallons of water broke a broom handle for my bar to lift with by this time I was doing 150 squats 320 curls 500 skull crushers 320 of the other curls where your hands face the opposite way 320 shrugs and a 100 tiptoe calf work out by the sixth month when I let I weighed 220 18 inch biceps 16 inch forearms legs where swole calfs where swole my traps where so big when i left it was crazy anyone can do it I feel off tho and im wanting to start back at the gym I support anyone wanting to better there body

  3. How do you deal with intimidation? Me being someone that has zero weight lifting experience, I was just really intimidated going to gym being one of the only skinny guys there.

  4. Any tips for a 16yr trying to get into this ? I might have to start cooking my own meals etc but I don’t know what 2 cook etc .

  5. 5:32 I went to the gym..mirrors everywhere…I'm not one of those people who likes to look at himself in the mirror. I think anyone looks dumb like in the clip here. Maybe once you're in shape…you love looking at yourself. I'm not that in love with myself. I guess there is nothing wrong with loving the way you look. I need to accept this self love I guess. I love myself and the way I look…but This kind of thing is on another level for me…I just feel weird looking at myself working out.

  6. Just subbed!

    While I'm no stranger to the gym, I will admit that I get thrown off and lost on how to get back on. Also the battle in the kitchen.

  7. Gf is out of town for a few months – I want to get some progress for when she’s back! Just cleaned off my dad’s old weights that haven’t been touched in 6+ years. At all. Starting slow! Thanks Bully!

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