Beginner Glute Workout at Home! No Equipment | 18 Minutes | #CrockFitApp

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27 thoughts on “Beginner Glute Workout at Home! No Equipment | 18 Minutes | #CrockFitApp

  1. Hey Alex, love your dedication to working hard and staying fit, but also your humility and your desire to help people starting out! Hard to find that honest combination in the fitness world on youtube! Not to mention you have awesome video formatting that makes it easy to follow along at home. Seriously so appreciated! Just subscribed 🙂

  2. How tall are you, Alex? I'm trying to gain muscle and am worried about looking too bulky; I'm 5'6". You're well proportioned and I'm wondering if you worried about bulking too much during fitness journey.

  3. Excellent… i do after legs session It’s à good addition 👍 kick back with arm extension Work well more good idea…. the new timer and the quality of the video are top … thank a lot … merci beaucoup Alex 😊

  4. This workout is for beginners???i felt i would die after second exercise haha but i guess this means it works… I will try again, to the end this time. Thanks!

  5. I am definitely saving this one, looks like it would really make your lower back feel loosened and stretched besides toning your glutes, thanks for this Alex!! I love when you do home workouts 🙂

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