Beginner Full Body Workout at the Gym

What’s up, guys!?

In this video, we’ll be doing a 25-minute, beginner-friendly full body…


21 thoughts on “Beginner Full Body Workout at the Gym

  1. Let’s keep chasing these gainz! 💪🏼🔥
    ❎Check the description for:
    – Full written workout
    – Links to other videos mentioned
    – Outfit details, link, & discount code
    Take a screenshot 📸 of the workout diagrams included right before & after the workout so you can easily take it with you to the gym!
    👉🏼Feel free to make any adjustments to the workout as you need!
    Let’s make this a great week! ❤️

  2. these workouts are what gave me the confidence to try starting out on machines! my gym currently is not allowing free weights, and the machines always intimidated me. i love that you show yourself setting up the machine beforehand. thank you!

  3. Thanks to your videos I feel like I will be ready to step my first day back into the gym tomorrow. Your video guidances makes me feel like I have a personal trainer. Thank youu so much for your content!!!

  4. Tomorrow is my first day at the gym and was confused on where to start until I came here. Glad I saw your previous beginners video. This place feels like home so I subscribed yall…

  5. Ok no hate but if you watch the mirror while she’s doing the stair master, it’s the same clip played over and over, the same people keep walking by over and over with the same expressions

  6. You’re the first person to ever make me feel comfortable in a gym. You seriously have no idea how much that means to me. I’m excited to go every time, because I don’t feel lost anymore.

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