Before You Exercise, Watch This! | Eric Edmeades

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35 thoughts on “Before You Exercise, Watch This! | Eric Edmeades

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  3. Im here back because you told me to not excersice…now let me tell you something dude…I think I watched this a while ago and I was trying to do some workout…came up with this conclusion: everyone starts up their morning and should drink lots of water then just try and experiment excercise before your meal, a day after you should do it after your meal and so on …this way for me is the best to figure out the best rutine excercise for you…I think sometimes is waaaaay better to do so (im running and doing non equipement workout) sometimes before breakfast and sometimes after and yes you can do it …so stop excercising with a rutine, you should be adjust the rutine to suit your daily life, then this vid makes sense..and yes Im just saying you should experiment with your body because as small an insignificant this sounded…it is literally a solution to a huge problem…

  4. I literally searched up the stop don't exercise ad just to send mean hateful things.
    so here is what I gotta say:
    I will exercise and eat healthy, so stop discouraging me, stop interrupting me when I just wanna do it the old way. And if you are gonna advise me, then just tell us what to do, instead of telling us to go click this stupid link, or over explaining nonsense stupid shit. and if you want to lose weight just go on a diet and workout. I lost 7 pounds in 5 weeks just by dieting and workouts, and I was already still pretty fit, and in shape before

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  6. Stop!do not exercise overweight people.stop!do not exersices ugly guy with no girls.stop!do not exercise skinny guy to gain muscles.iam just jealous of you that you could get more attractive than last time.thats what he meant.

    No negative comments jk

  7. Sooooo…I got yahoo premium to avoid ads interrupting my videos but for some UNFATHOMABLE totally ABUSRD reason they show up in my feed for ‘suggested videos’ to watch instead


  8. The beginning of the ad is not that good but, I watched it till the end and it was worth it. You can exercise but make sure you are nourished and hydrated. Have a wonderful day.

  9. Please stop this advertisement all over the YouTube , vishen you know about programming the subconscious mind by autosuggestion as nepoleon hill said on his book " Think and grow rich" , please do not advertise it that much it's actually programming our subconscious mind everytime it comes , please understand

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