Back Pain Relief with Core Exercises

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36 thoughts on “Back Pain Relief with Core Exercises

  1. This is going to be so helpful, thank you! I really wanted to work on my core but get terrible back pain when i try anything but planks, this will be great

  2. HIII Doctor jo❣️I'm 17 years old girl was having lower back pain from last 5 years but now it's till middle of my back 😭😭😭. I haven't gone for any X Ray or CT scan because I'm afraid "if there is any serious disease then, my dream of becoming doctor may not be fulfilled." I'm really sooo scared 😭😭😭 Please doctor tell me what's wrong with my back and what should I do??? Is this something serious?😭😭😭 My dad is also a Doctor but as i said i'm afraid, that's why I haven't said these things to anyone. Plzzz help me 🙏🙏🙏

  3. I have suffered from extreme back pain for a long time but I watched two of your videos and I'm already seeing improvements! I do rowing so it effects my spine and back muscles severely so this is so helpful👍👍👍

  4. Hey , so i have this sharp pain behind the knee from a long time , if i try to touch my toes or do any type of stretch it really gives me a lot of pain. i got an mri done and it showed "ACL sprain" and "minor joint effusion" . i am a soccer player , i did some physiotherapy but it did not work-out . Someone please help me !

  5. Dr. Jo how do you do side planks with arthritic shoulders? How about the bird dog with arthritic knees? Are there modifications or other other exercises that are just as effective?

  6. I love these modifications. I sometimes get so discouraged when I can't perform the exercise because I'm just not strong or stable enough, so it's great to see the simplest mods available.

  7. Thank you Dr Jo. I learn so much from you.👍🏽 You are indeed such an awesome PT👍🏽😊 . I really appreciate you. Your explanations and demonstrations are very easy to follow. If you were local, I'll go to your Practice 👍🏽👍🏽.😃.

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