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26 thoughts on “Back Pain + Exercises (HERNIATED DISCS & WEIGHT LIFTING!)

  1. I fucked my self up on deadlifts today my head was not in the game and just wanted to get it over with and yanked the weight up felt a crunch in my back went for the second rep and just stopped cause I felt pain so I must of hyper extended in flexion of my spine so how do you fix it

  2. I got scoliosis 20 degree curve and 30 degree curve , got my second disc herniation l5,s1 the first time I had surgery after agony and leg weakness numbness on the right side. I got a central herniation in the same disc but I got two bulging discs also in my lumbar and three degenerating. How can exercise safely to build strength lose body fat ?

  3. I am 7 years post L4-S1 spinal fusion. I’m 37 and have been into weight lifting much of my life. I went through a lot of pain and put on some weight the first year or two, however I started slow with walking miles and doing body weight exercises. The last few years I’m back in the gym. I avoid doing anything super heavy and I don’t do deadlifts or heavy barbell squats. I use the elliptical and run 20 minutes every workout, I find the Octane elliptical to be spine friendly. I focus on working my legs with machines that isolate the the muscles without loading up my spine. I find when I train regularly I feel much better. Who knows, maybe I’m putting myself back into surgery quicker but one life to live. I plan on completely using this body up before I’m gone.

  4. herniated 1 disc and have 4 other bulging disc. I have been in constant pain for 3 years. I wish it was possible to heal but I doubt it will change, probably will get worse as I get older.

  5. Thank you for all your videos. Do you have a video on how to strengthen the core for those with herniated discs? I use to do many abs that involved hip flexion and I feel I should not do them anymore…

  6. Couple of months ago I squatted and I felt my back twinge and it put me out I waited couple of months and it went again I had a massage and then I had a physio and not really not fount out what was up , yesterday I squatted again and my back went out again but this time it felt like my back crack , it’s got worse this time & I’ve gone doctors but can’t seem to get a scan , do you know what this could Be?

  7. I Lifted something akward 2 weeks ago and since then ivehad a tingling, hot/pain sensation on my mid spine area, i cobra stretches aliviate the pain but i still have some pain, however, i don't have any pain running down my leg, I'm thinking that maybe a nerve is being irritated

  8. I deal with chronic pain and have spinal chord impingement throughout my back. A plate in my neck and emergency surgery from a rear end accident that forced me to have emergency surgery. They had to remove two discs and I lost 42 lbs of muscle from this and a cancer scare that turned out to be a intestinal infection. That being said, a friend from work turned me on to this wonderful site and now I am on the toad to recovery. All the workouts I follow from this site is helping me. So thank you for your gifted insight.

  9. I suffered my first back sprain in 2015 and have been experiencing this on and off. What can I do to fix this and also to prevent this from happening again? So far I have been going to therapy for the past 2 weeks and it seems to be getting worse.

  10. I have disc trouble in my lower back from wedged discs thanks to a curvature when I was young. I also have 2 Harrington rods down most of my back to correct the curvature in my early teens. I'm 37 now and have put on a lot of weight. I'm using diet to get the weight down but wish I could do weights. I have about a 20kg limit and cannot do some exercises that involve bending the middle of the back. I am unsure how I can build my core muscles with the rods and disc issues.

    I also have a bad knee from a fall a few years ago. Surgery got rid of the bone fragments. I damaged the knee cap when it partially dislocated.

  11. I had sciatica for about 2 weeks and thought I was dying, the pain was unbearable. When pain went away I went to dr and did MRI so he said i had 2 buldging disk on lower back and that was about 10 years ago. I have not done squats any more but being doing conventional deadlifts, rowing, kettlebell swings etc…but lately my back is being more sore dhan usual. so I am selling rower cause they told me it was bad for my back so I got me echo airdyne bike..anyway do u think RDL are better for my back? Thank u

  12. Hi you are helpful as usual, can you please make detailed workout plans which we can train with bulging disk. I heard that jessi also had problems with back and obviously you helped him so this would be amazing for me and i think for lot of people here . Cheers mate

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