Abs and Glutes Workout Combo | 30 Minutes with Mini Band

Hello everyone!

2 in 1 sort this awesome workout! and !

First 5 minutes ,…


46 thoughts on “Abs and Glutes Workout Combo | 30 Minutes with Mini Band

  1. My husband was laughing because he could hear me swear from the other room. I become a lunatic during your workout, I swear while doing the reps and between sets I smile back at you 😁

  2. Today was day ONE of me taking care of ME for a change. So glad I found you! Do you have the calorie burn listed anywhere for your workouts? I

  3. You are by far, my favorite fitness trainer. I am an old fitness lover and your expressions and beautiful smile give me a boost to finish. Loving the Band workouts, they are great!

  4. YESSS, so happy I started working out again after a busy period. And your videos are just THE BEST!!! I have tried many others, but I tend to get confused by their workouts and then I get frustrated because I can't keep up with the workout (pace/moves/whatever). With you it is so relaxed to move along and I can really focus on myself and my muscle strengthning. Although I don't have weights at home I will try my best to craft some heavy items myself so I will be able to do the EPIC program at home (as gyms are closed). Your workouts just make me feel so goooood (L) Thank you so so much Caroline!!

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