A Plastic Surgeon's SECRETS To Getting a FLAT TUMMY Without Surgery!

Want a flatter tummy but don’t want to go under the knife? America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon…


35 thoughts on “A Plastic Surgeon's SECRETS To Getting a FLAT TUMMY Without Surgery!

  1. Unfortunately even the noninvasive procedures are seriously expensive. The fasting diet does work HOWEVER please please please clear it with YOUR PERSONAL physician who knows your health before you start any diet and make sure its safe and will not exacerbate any issues you may have.

  2. Well, why not just eat healthy and exercise? Doesn't the fat go away if you do that? I know, nobody wants to work out but I'd rather do that then waste money 💰

  3. Drinking more water trying to cut down on pop and sweet tea I've exercised and did physical fitness while I was in school and I just never saw any results I may have lost maybe like 5 lb but I still saw the big old belly the monster 😂 maybe one of these days I should take a drive and me and you can have a talk and see what I can do or the best thing I could do for this belly 😂 LOL it's like carrying a baby

  4. Hey. Doc I live a good hour away from your office I would really love to see if you can help me with my belly fat maybe one of these days I'll take a drive down there and see what you can do to help

  5. Diet and exercise. I mean idk why people dont get that. Also defining your chest and back makes your tummy look smaller. Combine that with hard cardio and you can make your build lean

  6. that being said, if you are really overweight, do not lose weight too fast!!! you will be dealing with lots of loose skin. im lucky i slowly changed my life style over time and got lucky with just stretch marks. DO NOT LOSE TOO MUCH FAT TOO QUICK OR U WILL HAVE LOOSE SKIN THIS IS MORE GROSS THAN JUST BEING FAT.

  7. heres a secret, it aint easy.. you have to really want to see the best version of yourself and leave mortal fleshly desires behind on top of making yourself extremely uncomfortable by doing hard things. one meal a day is all you need to get swole and regardless of what others say, this is the most healthy way for humans to eat. there are a number of things that get triggered when you eat like this.

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