90 Second Exercise to STOP Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome In Bed

90 Second Exercise to STOP Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome In Bed

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25 thoughts on “90 Second Exercise to STOP Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome In Bed

  1. After a lot of workout and eapecially stretching yesterday, I woke up with my left side having a pain in the back. Similar to how I always think a nerve feels if it is somehow irritated. After trying this for 3 minutes (watched the rest of the vid, while in position haha), I could already feel that something relaxed. Now only the muscle soreness from exercise remains and no longer that annoying nerve pain. Thanks! Think I might have to do this a few times more, if it tightens up again, but I am very grateful I found some release thanks to your amazing explanation!

  2. I don’t see this video help with piriformis and sciatic nerves pain. Maybe figure 4 and setting cross legs. I gonna find out what my new Physical therapist teach to relieve my painful sciatic and piriformis muscles pain.

  3. Any videos for chronic coccyx pain on sitting and getting up when pressure is being released. It is horrible and I've been experiencing it for well over a year was no relief. I have to always sit forward. I use a wedge pillow while I drive which helps but I want to know what will cure this. Maybe you have a video out already? I'm a new subscriber & would appreciate any information you can provide. Thank you so much!

  4. Hi would it be a good idea to buy one of those massage tables like you use in the video for doing stretching like you suggest?

  5. Everything indicates that my pain is stemming from my piriformis. Is it normal to have pain also in the front where my femur joins my hip. I cannot lay in the position you’re describing in this video because the pain is so bad. Another question I have is a many videos indicate you’re not supposed to arch your back. So can you explain

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