90/90 Side Bend (↑ hip rotation and glute minimus/medius strength)

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43 thoughts on “90/90 Side Bend (↑ hip rotation and glute minimus/medius strength)

  1. I just did a few side bends hoping it would alleviate an annoying feeling in my right hip/thigh area. Something popped and boy I felt release throughout the area. I’m not sure what I woke up but I want more of these discoveries while tumbling around with Eric’s videos… 🙂

  2. Is it normal to have some discomfort / low pain after the 5 day challenge which included this excersize.
    Did the 90/90 just now and i have some discomfort when sitting on a stool and slouching/extending my low back on my right hand side which has been a recurring thing since my chiro adjustment of a locked pelvis

    And how frequent should one do this excersizes?

  3. Wow! I worked a lot on Glutes Issues but all exercises let my TFL Muscle cramp soon. This is the first exercise where I really feel Glute Med and Min really working without any misusage of the TFL!

  4. I attempted this exercise but couldn't stay in the 90/90 without support from my arm and hand placed on the floor. Obviously, I am very constricted in other areas that I can't get into the 90/90 position. Are there preliminary exercises that would make it possible to achieve 90/90? Even with my arm as a brace, I can somewhat do the side bend, but I'm not sure if you would recommend that tweak or not.

  5. Is this a good exercise for piriformis syndrome? you mention in the description it strengthens piriformis but I have a lack of Internal rotation on the dysfunctional side – Should I avoid as it hits piriformis or continue as it's a good stretch and then just strengthen hip flexors and glutes to remove piriformis syndrome? Actually do you have a vid on piriformis syndrome too? Thanks

  6. I love the dynamic strength element of your exercises. Static stretching is almost useless IMHO. I would like to get your opinion about yoga and it's general effectiveness at improving strength and mobility? PS, I think yoga is the closest thing to the fountain of youth, but don't be afraid to let me know if you don't share this opinion.

  7. Looking forward to trying this. Too many exercises (squats, hip thrusters) work the gluteus maximus, but neglect the medius and minimus. I've developed a nagging hip problem because of not doing hip abductor related work. This looks like a good one.

    Thanks for sharing 👍

  8. Thanks Eric, can you address tight upper glute issues? I have a herniated disc at L5-S1 and have struggled with right leg sciatica, which has for the most part subsided. I started swimming and my right glute seems to keep getting really tight. Perhaps I'm doing too many bridge exercises everyday. Not sure, anyway, thanks for your videos-there great!

  9. thank you very much Eric! That exercise you showed us is very special, I tried it too but … for me it is a problem almost impossible to solve, I am 63 years old and have very little mobility. What do you think, do I must stop or try to go further with small steps?…

  10. Hi Eric, thanks for your video, I looked at your course and wonder if I'm ready for it. My body is really tight and my mobility is quite limited. Years of static stretches and long distance running (Ultra Running). Recurring hip pain from a stress fracture and ligament tear, 30 years ago. My hips are rotated and just get pulled back out of alignment after chiropractic adjustment. I tried your 90/90 and could barely get in the position, let alone get the starting position right. Do I even have a chance or do I need some simple work first?

  11. This is just what I was looking for Eric!
    My left side is ridiculously tight. Is it recommended to use a yoga block under the knee so I can perform the reps without collapsing as I found I did without using the block? The imbalance is really noticeable, right knee in front to left knee in front.

  12. This guy’s hip mobility course and back pain exercises from his website have been such a blessing to me, the sort of work I do plus training martial arts has really worn down my entire body, and this is really a symptom of what he talks about here regarding hip mobility. I’m using less energy and recover from workouts faster.

  13. Recommended… I glad it was..1st try… wtf… terrible struggle…I know I need this…like u said " longevity of motion" is much needed in my field….thank u…

    Also want to add… that 1st trial as today was extremely difficult.. I maybe be cheating as it is a difficult position to be and do… so I elevated my buttocks with a foam.. it allowed comfort.. open thoughts on this…

  14. Mahalo coach!! This feels great on the old hip muscles. Is there any other movement/rotation I can incorporate into this for even better results?
    Aloha bradda🤙🏽

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