9 MIN AB WORKOUT | Lean and Sexy Abs At Home – No Equipment

Ab workout that will get your burning! This workout has three parts:
1. Mobility – this…


40 thoughts on “9 MIN AB WORKOUT | Lean and Sexy Abs At Home – No Equipment

  1. Hello my lovely people! This is a first workout after hitting 1 MILLION! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR BEING PART OF IT! Love you all always xxxx and now let's smash this workout! No cheating! Do your absolute best <3 <3

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  3. Hey girl iam a new subciber i just start the workout but i want to ask you what can I do about the redness elbows and knees it's very soreness please advice me what to do

  4. Hi.. can pls do vid for lower abs … im kinda love your workout, but my target area is my lower abs.. would love to do lower abs workout your way – luv from kuala lumpur

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