7 Minute Workout to get you best Legs, Thighs & Glutes | 7 Day Challenge Workout Lucy Wyndham-Read

7 Minute Leg, Thigh and Glute & day Challenge with Lucy Wyndham-Read
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40 thoughts on “7 Minute Workout to get you best Legs, Thighs & Glutes | 7 Day Challenge Workout Lucy Wyndham-Read

  1. Hi Lucy, after 7 days, when can I repeat this exercise again? Or can I continue this workout until a month? I am doing your arm, leg and glutes and belly workouts respectively now… please advise. Thanks!!!

  2. Started doing this last week, along with arms challenge and belly fat challenge. And it’s Ramadan and I am doing them during the fasting hours. I haven’t measured myself, but I sure can fit into clothes I wasn’t fitting it up until recently.

  3. Dear Lucy, thank you so, so, so much for giving all this super efficient workouts for free! Fantastic workouts, great vibes, very positive attitude. Your inspitation is infecious! Many, many thanks again!

  4. This workout is great. I maximize each move, and it makes me sweat a lot more than any of your other workouts. I love it. I add on two other 7 minute challenges for a fuller workout.

  5. This was definitely a challenge, day 3 and still out of breath by move 4! The thing I love most about this video is that you are actually shown which muscles you are working! More like this please, Lucy! 🙌💗Motivates me to push through a little bit more on those areas that need that little bit more TLC! 😉👌 Great job once again, Lucy, thank you! 🥰🙏💗

  6. Effective as always! I lost an inch off both my thighs after doing this for 2 weeks! Thanks again, Lucy! You are honestly the best thing that has happened to me! I owe you for my mother comments: "I can see changes in your legs."


  7. To everyone who's looking for motivation, this is the best leg workout I've done so far. It's my 7th day and god, I see so much of definition in my thighs, they seem less bulkier and more toned . Also my butt looks a lot better. Couldn't measure the inches but the results are so surprising! 💛

  8. Im doing for 3 weeks aiming for 4 times a week starting on Wednesday 24th February- Tuesday 16th March

    Day 1 (24th feb) ✅
    Day 2 (25th feb)✅
    Day 3 (26th feb)
    Day 4 (27th feb)✅
    Day 5 (28th feb)
    Day 6 (1st March)
    Day 7 (2nd March) ✅
    Week one- 4 days

    Week 2- only 2 days😭😭😭
    Day 8 (3rd March) came on period☹️😭
    Day 9 (4th March)
    Day 10 (5th March)
    Day 11 (6th March) ✅
    Day 12 (7th March) ✅
    Day 13 (8th March) Did move 1,2 and 3
    Day 14 (9th March)

    Week three-
    Day 1 (10th march)✅
    Day 2 (11th March)✅
    Day 3 (12th March)

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