7 Minute Fat Burning Morning Routine You Can Do Everyday

Watch as goes through a 7 Minute Burning You Can Do Everyday in the…


22 thoughts on “7 Minute Fat Burning Morning Routine You Can Do Everyday

  1. I was a heavy smoker and don't have a diet and I decided to change my self I was working out for almost 2 months plus fasting and I lost 4 kilograms. The best thing for me was to be able to this exercise for 5 rounds unlike before I can only do 2. I was really happy to be able to make 20 push ups lol before I can only do 7 haha. A healthy body is a happy body indeed. Thanks Chris

  2. Everyday? I thought working HIIT need resting time for our body to recover. Can we do HIIT in morning and evening in everyday of the week?

  3. I put on some weight during Covid and started this routine every weekday morning in mid January, and also improved/cleaned up my diet…and I’m down 40lbs as of today! Thanks Chris!!!

  4. Chris! Many thanks😊 I’ve been doing this routine and the evening routine for a year! Plus, changing my diet too! I’ve dropped 9KG so far😄

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