7 Healthy Soup Recipes For Weight Loss

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38 thoughts on “7 Healthy Soup Recipes For Weight Loss

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  4. Looks delicious!! I noticed the water was measured using a flour measuring cup instead of a liquid measuring cup. I don't think the measurements will be the same.

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  6. I’m sad that nearly every recipe here uses some kind of pre-prepared broth. here where I live there’s no such thing at the shops. you just cook a chicken and there you have a chicken broth.

  7. U dont mention one thing that remaining vegetables ( after the desired amount ine one serving) r thrown or u keep them in fridge and for how long we could keep them once cut. Thanks

  8. The only seasonings in that 1st soup was salt and pepper??? Come on man! Season the food! Get some thyme or lemon juice , pepper flakes….something!!! Y'all need to watch salt, fat ,acid, heat on Netflix. No one wants to take the time to prepare food only to be disappointed by its blandness. This is why takeout is such big business because people who watch this cook this and think "why doesn't my cooking taste as good as takeout, I may as well not even try". Sad!!!

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