7 Healthiest Cooking Oils For Different Types Of Cooking

From canola to avocado, we’ll also touch on which methods of each works best…


20 thoughts on “7 Healthiest Cooking Oils For Different Types Of Cooking

  1. I once tried cooking and boiling pasta, using coconut oil in stead of the canola, as there was no more left. I couldn't taste the coconut flavor in the pasta dish I made, and something told me it was a slightly healthier choice. But ok, it contains higher amount of calories. That is duly noted now. I don't recall that I was using much of it back then

  2. So much wrong things in such a short time…
    1) canola oil is the worst, it is extract chemically, not mecanically, using a solvent called hexane, commonly used in gasoline, and is very toxic.
    Plus canola oil was linked to worsening alzhemeir effects and increasing
    LDL cholesterol

    2) never heat extra virgin olive oil because it loose all of its beneficial components, and if you heat it beyond its smoke point wich is generally very low, it burns and produces acrolein wich is very toxic. The smoke point varies a lot from oil to oil, so it is difficult to determine it.
    Use it only for dressing and seasonings

    3) for coconut oil, the same thing as for canola, it is so refined and heated during extraction, that it looses all the benfits for your healt, and istead increases your LDL cholesterol

  3. Only oils with High polyunsaturated fats are healthy for lowering bad cholesterol & increasing HDL such as Safflower , Grapeseed , Flaxseed oils etc All others are gradually clogging the arteries

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