1. I have done Lucy's workout for 5 days now and I can say it works. I have lost a couple inches round the stomach where I carry a lot of my weight and I am now comfortable in t-shirts. Which I didn't think would happen again. Thank you so much Lucy, your the best. You have restored a lot of my self confidence. ❤️

  2. Hi lucy. Where can i get more information about eating well so that my hormones are balanced? I am on peri menopause. I ate very little. But i began to gain weight. I am 50 years old. 1.5 meter in height.

  3. okay im doing this workout for a month, with a healthy diet, enough water and enough sleep. but if i stop doing it after a month and still eating healthy and all will i get back that fat?

  4. Lucy , You are truly amazing..I just started following u couple weeks ago and I'm so glad I stumbled upon your videos…what I love the most is how motivating u are thru the whole video, but more importantly you are constantly telling the viewer to be aware of things while your working out like breathing and keeping your core tight, etc..the modified version is still challenging cus i can't jump ,I've had my hips replaced few times ….I find myself doing 3/4 videos at a time cus they fly by..anyway.you've changed my life , I gained so much weight through quarantine and you are quickly helping me get my tight body back..GOD BLESS U you truly are an angel.ty ty ty ty

  5. I have done this today……
    Goddd it feels so exhausted with the 3rd and last exercise
    Tbh I didn't completely follow the exercise…..I took break but i did it 99%😂
    I believe tomorrow I'll be able to do it even though tired but yes I'll be able to🙂
    One more thing I've tried this workout before and have shown results
    But it was just that i didn't completely follow it as i was lazy🥺😂
    But i wish to do it this time 🙂❤

  6. I was soo excited to do this as i got alot of hope frm this one but I've been doing this for 7 days but no effect with proper diet
    Plzz let me knw whr should i do

  7. Amazing work out! Almost 3 weeks in doing this once a day and I've lost 3 inches at the top and bottom and lost weight! I delivered a 10 pound 2 ounce baby boy and after 2 years of crying and being uncomfortable with my body still looking pregnant, I found this video! Saved my body!! Feel so confident now!!!

  8. it may take you more than 7 days to show results but it works for real! i was 60kgs when i started doing it & now im 50kgs, lost 10kgs in 1 week & 2 days! & as i said it's gonna be different for everyone, don't expect it to show results right away

  9. trying this again cuz i gave up the first time lol
    height- 5'4"
    weight- 117 lbs
    waist- 26.5 in
    hips- 33.5 in
    i am keeping my diet pretty much the same and i never exercise.
    day 1- honestly wasn't too bad, much easier compared to other workouts, barely broke a sweat but did need to relax for a while at the end
    day 2- tbh harder than day 1, the muscles in the back of my legs were sore
    day 3- i'm a bit sore but it's not too bad, i notice that i sweat more now than i used to

  10. Ok so im gonna work on trying to push myself to keep this up cause I want to get in shape for sports and not feel insecure and I am actually proud of myself for what I just did today because I have wanted to do this but I never had the motivation but I got this now
    So starting weight is 139.8 lbs and I want to maybe loose that 9.8 so
    day 1 Pretty easy
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5
    Day 6
    Day 7

  11. updating
    day 1:✅ not bad i’m 104 lbs and 5,3.5 and my waist is 27.3 can’t wait to see on day7
    day 2:✅ i was sore from yesterday but i got it done it was not as easy but it was fun!

  12. I did this 6 days out of 7. I lost 1lb and 1.5 inches from my waist and hips. Very enjoyable, accessible workout. I recommend. I'm going to try Lucy's leg workout next!

  13. Day 1 : i.could.not.breath. i didn’t realize how out of shape i was until this video. also i’m exercising every morning bc i heard you lose belly fat faster with an empty stomach? anyways day 1 completed.

    Day 2 : completed obviously i see no different bc it’s only the second day but I am still dying.

  14. Doing this everyday for a month:

    I am looking for a flatter stomach and to loose weight. I want to feel confident but at the minute I am not.. I would like to share my journey with everyone else in the comments soo

    DAY 1= to be honest found it quite hard. Pushed myself to the end and completed it 🙂

  15. I could only do 50 sec of first 3 and after one my heart literally starts beating in my mouth, so far done with all seven (only 45 or 50 sec each) .. looking forward to do complete set

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