7 BEST Supplements For Men Over 40 (Boost Testosterone and Hormone Health)

Maca Powder I use in my shake and oats

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29 thoughts on “7 BEST Supplements For Men Over 40 (Boost Testosterone and Hormone Health)

  1. Thank you . I just bought a brand new bottle of D3 jelly tablets from Rexall and they were rancid stank like a dead rat . They weren't tampered my guess is that with global lockdown all production was stopped and huge amounts of vitamins were just left in warehouses exposed to heat .

  2. Sleep for me is L Tryptophan and Valerian Extract, definitely want to try magnesium because I've given up Melatonin. I hear synthetic Melatonin is bad, I guess they mean Melatonin not produced by the body. Sugar was the problem with my sleep, too, best to eliminate that completely.

  3. D3 I'm pretty sure is the same Vitamin D you get from the sun, you avoid sunglasses and look in the general direction of the sun so it meets your eyes causing the D receptors in your skin to open up. I think people wear sunglasses a lot due to led lights, causes permanent damage to the eyes. Also yet another reason to go cellular free, the rf waves also mess up reproductive parts in males and lower testosterone. Any wireless device I find not worth keeping with all of the health issues linked to rf exposure.

  4. For Gods sake people its 2021 and there are waaaay too many reputable trt clinics that will monitor you properly. Get the real shit. Pharma grade shit and get your blood checked regularly. ITS SAFE IF YOU DO IT THE RIGHT WAY. Stay away from supplements that only raise you to normal levels….snake oil man

  5. I take Vitamin D3 (5,000 IU per day), Fish Oil (2,814 mg per day), Creatine (5 grams a day), Megamen (GNC multivitamin 2 per day), High potency Cranberry (1 per day), and 2 of the 6 pill dosage of Testolyze (Species Nutrition-very potent), has some of the test boosting ingredients to keep me in a good spot. There are weeks I don't take any to give my body a break/when I don't need it. I use protein powder, though usually plant based as it is better on my stomach. I'm 45, 5'10+ and a muscled 180-185. Thanks for the information in the description and video.

  6. Sorry none of these supplements will increase testosterone to any noticeable level. If you listen to his disclaimer at the beginning of the video, these are for those who have very low testosterone. If you’re in the “normal” range, you’re wasting your money.

  7. Everybody says the same thing about the same brightness how do you know one vitamin is better than the other it’s $100 in D3 vitamins out there which one is better help me out here respond back please

  8. Bro i just watched this. Im so messed up mentally emotionally and was looking to try change my life. Im starting today with a path that looks easy to begin first steps. Thanks

  9. "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."

    The biggest boost to testosterone and overall health I had in my 40's was with a Cyclical KETOGENIC Diet. Unfortunately for me it was too expensive to maintain long term. Nutrition and diet are paramount to health and fitness. You can take lots of supplements, exercise often, but won't see the results you want without proper nutrition and diet.

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