"6 PACK SUICIDE" 4 Minute Abs Workout from HELL

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29 thoughts on “"6 PACK SUICIDE" 4 Minute Abs Workout from HELL

  1. I mean this is really nice workout,it’s just more for beginners.I’ve been training abs for a while and i didn’t feel anything all the video.But for those who’s just starting,Really good.

  2. I've done this workout for a year straight every single day, and my biggest tip is to use your glutes. After a week of using them if you haven't before, you should feel much less burning in your abs since your glutes will do half the work.

  3. This is my Go To an workout, for years. Literally makes me have a deep seeded hatred for Brandon lol. But it’s the only ab workout that gives results. I can literally see obliques when I’m in higher body fat ranges. This is the only ab workout that defies the saying “abs are made in the kitchen” Ouch!

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