6 Pack Abs Workout | Just 6 Minutes!! (FOLLOW ALONG)

If you want to get then this is the perfect place to start. You can…


37 thoughts on “6 Pack Abs Workout | Just 6 Minutes!! (FOLLOW ALONG)

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  2. I was flinching in the end. I just had no strength left to do the power up. But always keep in mind guys:
    Make the exercise easier for you like not laying down completely after each rep or even stop entirely if you feel pain in areas that are not supposed to get worked out with the exercise you're doing!

  3. Love the workout! I’m impressed every time you increase the intensity but decrease the time spent. We all want to look great, but damn, who wants to spend hours in the gym?!

    Backwards 7’s and sidewinders were something new I hadn’t done. Appreciate ya keeping the workouts interesting. Keep it up brother!

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