Hey everyone, its your girl Tiffany and welcome back to my channel today, I’m coming to you guys with a workout video. I’m, so excited because I know a lot of you been asking for this video. So I’m, going to show you guys the exercises that I do from home.

I always do these, but exercises when I can’t make it to a gym, and I know a lot of you been asking me for my gym. Routine and I have great news, because that video is almost done, the only thing that you have to do is make sure you give this video a thumbs up, and once this video hits 2,000 likes, and I’m at 50,000 subscribers.

That’s when I will upload my gym routine and yeah um. Let me see if I forgot anything. No. The only thing that I wanted to mention is that I’m, not a personal trainer. So please don’t judge me if a form is not perfect and yeah other than that.

That’s about it and let’s get into this video, so the first exercise is called hip thrust. What you want to do is lay flat on your back, make sure that your arms are next to you flat as well, and that your legs are spread apart and then what you want to do is lift up your butt and every time when you lift it Up you would have to squeeze like this, and I would do that ten times: ,.

So after doing this ten times, I would rest for 45 seconds and then I would repeat the set over again here. I’m doing side leg squats. What you only thing is make sure that young legs are spread apart and then every time when you squat down to the side, make sure that you go as long as you can.

This is how I’m doing it, and I would do this 15 times and after the 15 times, I would think a 25 second break – and I would repeat this again in a total of 3 sets , here is the next exercise Which is called the King dog butt exercise make sure that you’re on all fours, and then you would lift up your leg like this, and you would do that ten times as well.

Make sure that you really kick out that leg. So once I’m done with the right leg, I would take a break again and then I would do the other leg here. I’m. Doing the side laying leg lift. What you want to do is lay on your side.

Make sure that your legs are straight and one to support your upper body with your left arm, depending on which side you’re starting on, and then you would lift your leg like that. So I do this 10 times and then after I’m done doing is ten times.

I will take a break for 45 seconds and then I would just repeat it with the other leg and do two steps again: ,. So here I’m doing squats and I would do 15 reps and then I will take a 45 second break and then I would repeat these set again until I finish three sets.

This is what it looks like and then every time when you go back up, make sure you squeeze your butt cheeks ,. So here I’m doing kneeling kickback. So this is the position that you have to be in and then what you’re going to do is kick your legs back like this, and I would do this ten times first, if your right leg, then with the left leg and then I’ll, switch back to the right leg and do the left leg again: [, Music ].

So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did make sure you give it a thumbs up and if you not subscribe to my channel yet make sure they hit that subscribe button, please copy down below, and let me know what you’d like to see next and also.

Let me know if you want me to do with a workout video on how I maintain a flat stomach and yeah. Once again, I appreciate every one of you and I’ll, see you guys in my next video love. You guys bye,


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